Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • wandmaker
    08-26 10:49 PM
    My limited understanding about the GC process is that from the day I-485 is filed, a person may change his/her job only after 180 days or more, and of course by filing AC 21.

    Yes, you are correct.

    Also, in case the I-485 does not get approved within the 180 days after filing, then how can a person change a job without having an EAD.

    You can file for EAD along with 485 or after you file 485 - EAD will be issued within 90 days (as of writing w/ current processing times) from the date of filing. You can change job only after 180 days filing 485 - In order for you to work for another employer you need EAD

    A person can EAD only once I-485 is approved? Is that correct.

    You will get GC itself once 485 approved, there is no need for EAD - EAD is a temporary work permit set to expire in 1 or 2 years from the date of issue

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  • alex99
    09-14 04:23 PM
    I have an issue with my I-94 and need your advice on this.

    I came back to US from India vacation on 10-Sep-2007. My H1 Papers from Company-B got approved(on 5-Sep-2007) just before I start from India . So I could not show the new Company-B h1 papers at the Port of entry to the CBP officer. I got my new I-94 date based on the old Company-A H1 papers which is valid till 30-Sep-2007.

    I red on the Immigration Forums that USCIS follows last action rule to determine the validity of I-94. In that scenario, the I-94 that comes with my new H1 paper gets invalidated. If it is true, am I out of status after 30-Sep-2007?

    Could you please advice on my possible options on this issue?



  • yogi_naik
    11-02 10:59 PM
    if anybody has expedited AP by going through Infopass (local USCIS office). I wanted to know the below

    1) Does that require any additional fees?
    2) How long does it take for AP to come thorugh after expedite
    3) In three weeks time we are travelling to attend brothers marriage--> is this reason good enuf?
    4) Is there any harm or backfire due to trying to expedite through infopass
    5) filed 485\ap on July 02. recieved EAD and FP already done.

    Note: Appointment for local Infopass is taken for Tuesday

    Please respond ASAP

    Thanks in Advance

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  • k2006
    08-22 12:44 PM
    It is not clear to me why there is inconsistency on whatever they reply for the processing of NSC-->CSC-->NSC cases. Sometime I hear NSC mentions that these transfer cases would be processed based on CSC processing date (which doen't make sense because CSC stopped processing of I-485 caes, so how CSC processing date would move and the transferred case is waiting in NSC not in CSC) and sometime I hear NSC mentions those cases would be processed based on NSC processing date. Which one is actually true ?

    I am wondering so far have we seen any approval from NSC for NSC-->CSC-->NSC transferred cases whose processing date RD/ND falls in 2007 (after the 2006 processing date of CSC).


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  • cbpds
    04-16 01:42 PM
    It has been posted in IV already

    Good Read

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  • lelica32
    07-30 03:20 AM
    If she overstay, her Visa will be canceled. She must apply for a new Visa. I overstayed 4 month, no ban, just my Visa was canceled.


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  • lonedesi
    08-05 12:18 PM
    We will not see any approvals unless we act togther and campaign for our cause. Please join us. More details at

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  • kaisersose
    07-17 11:08 PM
    This is where the lawyer comes in. Or someone who has been through this can describe his experience.

    As long as your resume and experience letters match you with the Labor, you are good. eb3 is less riskier than eb2.

    For peace of mind, you can get a second opinion from another attorney by having him match your profile with the substituted Labor.


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  • dish
    11-10 05:12 PM
    I came to US on H4, 3 years ago. Later I took my H1B with a recruiter and got it with I-94. It was valid up to 2007 oct. But I couldn't take up any work due to some problems. Recently I went to India and came back. At the port of entry I got new I-94 with H4 stamping. Means My H1 Is not valid now ? In this case, is there any way to apply for change of status again as my H1 is valid up to 2007. Or else do I need to apply for my new H1B again ? Pl. any one clarify.

    Once you are counted in the H1 cap you don't need to be counted again to extend your H1 status. But if you went to the consulate and got an H4 visa stamp, you might need to wait again till h1 visa is available again in april 2007.

    I am curious to know, how your interview went in the consulate. Because you were on H1, without working. If you were not working and not recieving paystubs you are out of status. Didn't that create problems when you change to H4 ?

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-06 09:37 AM
    what i mean is i am currently working full time with Company A. But I am thinking of making additional income by working for another company on part time basis. Can I file another concurrent H1? And if this concurrent H1 will be based on annual H1 quota?

    I heard once that there is a special category for parttime H1. Better check with attorney.


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  • huma
    10-07 08:35 AM
    I am working under CPT from a university. I am not planning to continue school if i get h1b. My last day to register for classes is Oct 10th. My h1b case in USCIS website days it is received and pending. I filed for premium processing on Sept 23rd, application reached to USCIS on 24th. It will be 15 calender days on Oct 9th. In this case can i work without registering at school after OCT 10th?

    I will really appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • skd
    06-17 10:57 PM
    I am also in same situation...


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  • pappu
    12-14 09:27 PM
    IV is aware of this and already in contact with indian orgs. pls go through some of the last month's threads about our Boston, MA conference participation to know how we are working with the Indian American communiy.

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  • rameshvaid
    09-15 07:29 PM

    Please post all 2009 EB3 485 approvals on this thread.

    Please mention the following details:

    Approval Date:
    Country chargeable to:
    Priority date:
    Are you a 245i beneficiary: Yes/No

    Let us see whether any regular EB3 guys are getting approved as per latest visa bulletins.

    There is no salt rubbing to anyone.. we all r in the same sinking boat.. To know, if some one got approved in EB 3 might give us some hope.. let's keep bumping it up even if there are none or few approvals..

    If some one feels salt being rubbed on his...a...go keep washing and putting ice on it till you you feel comfortable..



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  • anilsal
    09-16 09:21 AM
    if they are going to continue to be in closets.

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  • macrosky
    07-08 08:43 PM
    but we sent out the application package on June 28 (Friday) and the USCIS received our package on July 1st (Based on the Fedex tracking record). There is no way that my employer can refer to the new prevailing wage databse, which is released on July 1st.


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  • dbevis
    June 12th, 2005, 04:26 AM
    Nice choices. Those two lens will no doubt get a lot of use. They certainly seem to be working well for you in these shots.

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  • NNReddy
    07-06 11:31 AM
    Did anyone apply for visitor visa extension on medical grounds

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  • frostrated
    06-18 02:38 PM
    My husband's employer filed for green card under EB-1 (OR). I-140 got approved, I-485 is pending. I already did my fingerprinting. My husband's is scheduled for next week. We did not get EAD or AP yet.

    Meanwhile I need to travel to Europe on business. I have a valid H-1 to re-enter US. Would my AP get approved before I return to US? If so, can I still enter with my valid H-1? My husband is planning to delay his biometrics until I get back. Are there any problems with this plan? Please advise

    As long as you travel on H-!, you have no problems. You do not need AP to travel as long as your H-1 is valid. If you need a visa to re-enter, your visa needs to be valid too, or you can get a new visa based on your H-1.

    If you want to avoid getting your visa renewed, then you need an AP.
    Your husband does not need to delay his biometrics. It is independent of your case.

    05-28 12:21 AM

    Can anyone tell me if its ok to mail my EAD & AP and spouse's EAD & AP renewals to be mailed in the same package to Texas? I can't find any posts regarding this.

    The PO Box address for EAD is different from AP. But i think for non USPS carriers, there is only one address for Texas center (4141 N augustine rd).

    So If I use this address can I mail all the 4 applications in the same package?
    I am not trying to save money but feel that keeping all the apps together might help especially primary and secondary applicants...


    My lawyer said we can use the same non PO Box address mentioned in the EAD to send the AP documents as well. According to the lawyer you can send it all in one big envelope and demarcate the I-131 vs the I-765 or do it like I am, in 2 seperate smaller envelopes and then I am going to put the 2 envelopes in the same fedex package and mail it out.

    08-04 08:56 AM
    cool, congrats.!!

    USCIS works in mysterious ways!!!


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