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charlie sheen wife denise richards

images Charlie Sheen and Denise charlie sheen wife denise richards. Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards
  • Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards

  • gc_dedo
    03-28 07:17 PM

    wallpaper Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards charlie sheen wife denise richards. 29 January 2004: Charlie Sheen
  • 29 January 2004: Charlie Sheen

  • aguy
    07-27 03:14 PM

    There seems to be a lot of mixed information about F1-OPT and I-485.

    My wife is on a F1 visa. She will be finishing school soon. She also has a pending I-485 linked to my application and an "approved" EAD.

    Can she apply for OPT?

    I will appreciate if someone can shed light on this.


    charlie sheen wife denise richards. Charlie Sheen didn#39;t hide his
  • Charlie Sheen didn#39;t hide his

  • davesmith
    01-30 11:47 AM
    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for answering all my question and I really appreciate all of you for sharing your experience.

    I am new to all these and seeking for Family based GC category 2A applied in May 2005. According to the date in VB for the month of FEB we should get GC as of now but didn't happen.

    I am confused about the "Note" that is written under the Family Based PREFERENCES chart in VB. Could some one make me understand in simple language what the below note says?

    *NOTE: For February, 2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are available to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than 01MAR04. 2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are available to applicants chargeable to all countries EXCEPT MEXICO with priority dates beginning 01MAR04 and earlier than 01MAR06. (All 2A numbers provided for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no 2A numbers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)

    Please reply.

    Thanks a Lot

    2011 29 January 2004: Charlie Sheen charlie sheen wife denise richards. Charlie Sheen
  • Charlie Sheen

  • HumHongeKamiyab
    07-17 08:03 PM
    You dont need translation service to translate it. Any of your friend who is proficient in marathi and english can translate it.

    At the bottom of the translation, add these lines, and have your friend sign it along with his name and address.

    I, _______________________________, do hereby certify that I am proficient in both English and Marathi, and accordingly I am competent to perform translations, and that I have translated the foregoing/attached document accurately and to the best of my knowledge and ability.

    Hope that helps. I did this for my birth certificate as per my lawyers advice.

    Hi folks,

    Could someone please point me to a Marriage Certificate Translation service9s)?

    It's in Marathi and has photos, legal fee stamps and seals on it and I would like to retain the look as much as possible.

    I kinda searched this website, but the search engine doesn't take you to a specific post in a thread. Instead it just brings up all threads that contain a post with the search keyword. After navigating through a few pages with no luck, I gave up and hence the (potentially redundant) question!

    With another opportunity for Adjustment of Status around the corner, I want to get this asap.



    charlie sheen wife denise richards. ex-wife Denise Richards,
  • ex-wife Denise Richards,

  • gaz
    12-14 04:34 PM
    I actually did get a H-1B extension once based on the fact that the spouse (also H-1B) had an approved I-140 priority date that was backlogged. It was an unusual approval, and surprised the other attorneys (including partners) where I was working. It's not guaranteed, but worth a try if there is no other option to work.

    wow! thank you - this is really helpful.

    My spouse is still on h1b and we will definitely try for this. Do you think the extension would be affected by the priority date (higher chances of approval if severely retrogressed) - or if theres something like a memo/ruling/logic for the approval, or is it just random chance?

    Also in case the motion is declined, does it lead to a future (negative) impact on either a fresh h1b filing, or green card application or such?

    Thank you!

    charlie sheen wife denise richards. and Sheen#39;s wife, Denise
  • and Sheen#39;s wife, Denise

  • hebron
    07-07 09:29 AM
    My H1-B is expiring in December 2007. I have approved I-140 now and am hoping to get 3 year H1-B extension based on my approved I-140. Do you think I can get 3 year extension even if the visa numbers for filing AOS is current? Does AC21 apply to this case? Please suggest.


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  • A Charlie Sheen death hoax

  • pappu
    03-15 08:48 PM
    You may consider filing a lawsuit for delays. Talk to a good litigation lawyer.

    Read my earlier post

    2010 Charlie Sheen didn#39;t hide his charlie sheen wife denise richards. Charlie Sheen and Denise
  • Charlie Sheen and Denise

  • jtravers
    04-01 11:12 PM
    Actually folks staying in the UAE can apply to the U.S. consulate there even if they are not local citizens of UAE. The disadvantage of applying in the consulate in UAE is that the visa will be slated to expire when the UAE visa expires. Logic being that if your status in the UAE expires, your US visa expires. In addition, chances of rejection are higher since the only local tie you have to the UAE is your job.

    I would try to see if you could go to your home country and apply. If it is urgent, then you would want to try the US consulate in UAE.


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  • Denise Richards was nowhere

  • vkallank
    09-21 09:06 PM

    i have filed in the form / submitted the application for joining the google GA group. please check.

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  • Glum faced: Charlie Sheen

  • deeru
    04-02 01:12 PM
    mine is NSC...looks like NSC is taking more time than TSC..


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  • Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife

  • fromnaija
    09-01 04:52 PM
    1) can my spouses h1b get 7th year extension based on this?


    2) if not, can my spouse move to h4?


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  • Charlie Sheen#39;s ex-wife,

  • greenguru
    03-23 05:54 PM
    Very Tricky situation.

    I was in the same situation only thing is that for me it was the same employer.

    So.. I assume you can go before June 30th so you can re-enter US if you are in US.

    If you are planning to go to Canada.. You can call the consulate ( that is what i did ) Just a suggestion...


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  • Charlie Sheen#39;s Birthday

  • HumJumboHathuJumbo
    09-17 12:17 PM
    I am a july 07 filer with EB2 PD Oct 2005. I switched employers in early part of this year. My employer has been very erratic and not paying me salary for past 2 months because his money is not cleared from his client. I have found another contract but my employer wants to wait until his money is cleared before he can pay me and that can take longer than 6 months !!! (if his money is not cleared before)

    Under such circumstances I am jeopardising everything. I was wondering if I start working for my own company on a W2 with a same job profile same salary structure will USCIS consider this as something fraudulent or do they allow self employment under AC21 ? After I have my GC I plan to continue working for my own company. In that case what do I need to do from my side to make this happen ? I started my company in August 2008.

    green if this helps otherwise just ignore.

    tattoo and Sheen#39;s wife, Denise charlie sheen wife denise richards. CHARLIE Sheen and his new wife
  • CHARLIE Sheen and his new wife

  • kevnss
    03-21 01:57 PM
    You can always file under EB2 once your I-140 in EB3 is approved. Even thats what I did. I had masters with 5yr exp before joining in this company but some how attorney filed under EB3 which I noticed when I was filing for I-140 under EB3. So we waited till my I-140 gets approved and refiled again after filed for I-485. Now my labot got approved under EB2 and filed for I-140. Hope this helps.

    I have one question though which I have already posted but didn't see any response. It would be nice if someone can clarify my doubt..

    I have one question with regards to changing employer. My I-140 was approved long ago (in 2005) under EB3 and was filed for AOS during July 2007. But now we re-filed labor under EB2 got approved and refiled I-140 under EB2 category. I-140 under EB2 has been filed recently so I am assuming it will take months to get it approved. Now I am thinking of switching to new employer so what are my chances to move to new employer. Sorry am not sure if this message is already posted or not.


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  • GCBy3000
    07-08 10:06 AM
    It is illegal if the part time employer paid you directly. However, I believe it would not be illegal if you were paid by one employer.

    Example : Working for employer A on his payroll. ( COnsulting)
    Consulting for B - fulltime
    Consulting for C - Partime

    Both pay your consulting company and that company pay you through single pay roll. Will this be illegal? I am not sure. By the way, I did not do this, but it came across my mind.

    Folks, can security check uncover unauthorized part time work whiles on H1. Will this be reported to USCIS? If so will that be a basis for denial for a green card? Any information or precedence?

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  • GCVictim
    10-13 11:06 AM
    I am sponsoring to My In-laws next month for visiting next month. I am preparing documents for them. My questions is... What are documents required from my wife side? she is not working.

    What should I send from her?


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  • Denise Richards is quot;learning

  • seahawks
    04-30 03:53 AM
    Currently i have my I-140 approved an that is all i know. To be honest, PD to me means "the day my I-140 was approved". Is that true??

    My wife lives with me on H-4 and she will hopefully get an ITIN this year. Now, how i understand the system, i cannot file for I-485 petition until, the date of my I-140 approval becomes current. Please verify to help me understand this system. Thanks in advance.

    PD = Priority date. That is the date that gets assigned to your case which is the date your labor/perm was filed or the date you directly filed I-140 if no Labor/Perm was required. You can only file your 485 once the visa date in the visa bulletin for your EB category is either current, matches your PD month or is a date later than your PD date.
    One you file for 485, you can avail benefits like EAD a.k.a workpermit for you and your wife who can choose to use the work permit to avail any job. There can be an argument made that still keep working on your H1, but EAD helps spouses work legally who are otherwise on H4 and are not allowed to work.

    Again check with an attorney for legal advice, this is just a nutshell of the process. Hope it helps

    girlfriend CHARLIE Sheen and his new wife charlie sheen wife denise richards. ex-wife Denise Richards fought
  • ex-wife Denise Richards fought

  • maalelsi
    10-14 11:10 AM
    It is direct deposit / stub, but company name does not show anywhere and I spoke with employees that have been there over a year and they say that is also how the W2 is printed. Company name does not show.

    does anyone have any input ?

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  • Back in March when Sheen was

  • gc28262
    02-13 07:43 AM
    FOIA should be the route.
    I remember someone posting on the forum that they got all their information, right from Labor certification on a CD through FOIA.

    Try this google search "FOIA + cd" without quotes

    05-03 07:02 AM
    Check out for such things.

    05-04 02:17 PM
    My cousin has I-20's from Universities A and B.he got F1 Visa with University A's I-20.
    He is in India and he wants to go to University B.

    Could anybody tell if he can directly go to University B and complete the transfer process from there? or does he need to go to University A, complete the transfer process and then go to University B?

    does it create any problems at Port of Entry ?

    PS: I have not started GC process yet. So, I didn't update my profile.

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