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ugly betty makeover episode

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  • alex05
    04-05 09:27 AM
    what is the 2nnd RFE about? Is it related to the first one?

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  • apb
    10-01 02:39 PM
    My friend had applied for GC through B (never worked, PD-2004/EB2, 140 approved and 485 more than 6 months) and he was continuing with company A on H1B.
    Company A was laying him off. He tried to go to company B. But Company B was getting folded.
    He went out and got a better offer from company C. He had two choice. Apply H1B transfer from A to C or use AC21.
    He chose to use AC21 and started with C. Lawyer explained the situation with AC21 info to USCIS.

    Now the best part. HE GOT GC last month.

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  • Intel
    10-05 01:07 PM

    I entered the U.S. on an F1 visa on March 9th 2007, and have continued to study in the U.S. as of now.

    I pay "Out-of-state" tuition to California State University, but I would like to know if there was anything I could do to become a legal resident of California to apply for In-state tuition.

    It's not that I am trying to get a way out of the system, but in reality I want to become a U.S. resident which is one of my goals, just popping up in here to see if there's anything I can do in the meantime.

    I have researched in Texas University, if I apply for a VISA, while it is processing I can pay IN-State tuition

    Q. How do I establish residency?
    A. One must be an independent (not claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes), US citizen or permanent resident, (have a green card, also known as card I-551 or the evidence of I-551 stamp in the passport) or international student who is eligible to establish a domicile in Texas and live in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months and establish a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment.

    Thank you for all your help! - Remember I am in CALIFORNIA not TX.

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  • yabadaba
    06-30 02:42 PM
    H4- EAD impacts

    break it down by 3 levels.

    1. minimum wage
    2. Average wage as per DOL's SOC code
    3. Average wage based on education and skill level


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  • Lord Rahl
    03-25 01:26 AM
    Nice pencils! Is this graphite?!
    Not sure, I have alot of pencils with different materials and shades and I normally just pick some at random when I draw. lol, but it probally was. I also got some ruler looking thing which I just recently figured out was for shading. :)

    ugly betty makeover episode. ugly betty makeover episode.
  • ugly betty makeover episode.

  • srinivas_meena_vinu
    07-18 12:05 PM

    Mine is not a Lobour substitution. In fact I am in L1A and mine has been filed in EB3 category. It is done by PERM and it has been approved. My designation is Program Manager and based on that the Labour was filed. My company is doing well and also pays well.

    Please advice if that would help.


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  • virginia_desi
    10-24 06:25 AM
    One of my friends is saying Job experience with the same company would not count towards? So this means will i have to change jobs and hope that my I-140 for the current employer is not withdrawn. Pl. advise.


    The job experience from the same company can only be counted if the employer can prove the new job is atleast 50 % different from the current job. Please consult a lawyer before making the decision. The difference should be in job duties and not simply a move between two projects.

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  • kavas
    03-29 01:06 AM
    the webfax letter is great and articulate and I dont undermine its value. But what i meant was another one based on just the hard country quota dilemma/eb3 ;A petition highlighting that even with the pro provisions our status will remain unchanged unless a amendment corrects it or provides a interim relief.
    I dont think the fax would motivate any senator to present a amendment on the floor.It would surely educate and maybe earn their sympathy but would it do any good for our numbers??
    A hard copy with full name,city,state of all members ..would that not mean a little bit more to them.I am not debating the work put in by the volunteers /admins its value is unparellel and hats off to all of you.
    But the situation is getting so desperate that no measure seems inappropriate right now. Shoot all your arrows atleast one may strike or hit close to the aim!


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  • buehler
    03-01 01:15 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I am planning to apply for EAD and AP. Debating myself if I have to go with e-filing or paper based. Some one told me, paper based DOES NOTrequired biometrics where as E-filing DOES need biometrics? Could you please shed some light on this?



    I had applied for my wife through paper and they did not ask for her fingerprints. I had applied for mine through efiling and they did ask for fingerprints. I was not in town on the day that they had asked me to be at the service center. So I requested a later date. Lo and behold one fine day I got my EAD approved without any fingerprints. Don't ask my how it was approved but that is the case.

    Please enter the details of your Green Card application in your profile.

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  • sundarpn
    06-13 10:55 PM
    As usual to complicate decision making.... :mad:

    Today PD (aug 2006 / EB3) is now current :) and I have my I 140 approved.

    I also have another job offer which looks great. :confused: But they will start GC only after 3-4 months!

    Should I just stick on to my current job and ride it out for 6 months to get EAD?

    When does one get EAD 3 months after filing 485 or after 6?
    Also if the dates retrogress, will 485 get approved? or Should the date remain current till 485 gets approved?


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  • stephsh
    01-18 07:48 AM
    I tried using the way you proposed but it doesnt work, presumably since I�m using and not silverlight.

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  • supercomp
    01-26 01:04 AM
    I am asking this question for relative of mine. I wanted to get some honest opinions.

    My relative was manager in India for family company (extended family) for 3-4 years. He received visitor visa about 2 years ago, and subsequently arrived in US.

    After taking extended tour of US, he felt that he could expand Indian company's business in US. His companied in India tried to open up business in US. He received L1A for 1 year. However, due to bad economy, business advantature wasn't successful.

    He wanted to try to stay in US and try some other management position for established company. Subsequently applied for H1B. He recently received denial notice from USCIS.

    Currently, original L1A is expired. L1A extension is pending (lawyer was late in filing, and only filed 7 days before expiration of original L1A).

    Is he out of status at this point (expired L1A and denied H1B)? L1A extension is still pending.

    What are his option if he wants to stay LEGALLY in US?

    Please excuse my ignorance but I do not know much about immigrations, as I am US Citizen myself and never had to go through this grusome process.

    I would also appreciate attorney's input.


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  • averagedesi
    06-20 04:45 PM
    Here is an excerpt from the link below.. it sounds crazy

    "Visa numbers can retrogress in the middle of a month and become unavailable without prior notice. If there is a mid-month retrogression, USCIS could elect to stop accepting adjustment applications. While this is unlikely to occur in July 2007, it becomes more and more possible as the fiscal year progresses. "

    I hope this doesnt happen.

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  • babu123
    07-12 11:14 AM
    This is a big scam. I see there is a big political heads intervention in this for reversing july bulletin.
    Since everything is coming out day by day, politicians also started escaping out.
    Now USCIS should look for its own safety as the politicians who suported them earlier had given HAND to them now.

    As part of safe game, they sent out that numbers to DOS, saying that we cant allocate numbers, and thrown ball into DOS court now.
    Everyone is playing their own safe game.

    What i feel at this moment, instead of digging the scam further, a big guy should negotitate with USCIS and ask them to revert back to initial bulletin giving an assurance that no digging will be done in the scam. I dont know how far this will happen, as already the matter is going to the court now.


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  • jonty_11
    06-15 01:17 PM
    This from

    06/15/2007: July EB-2 and EB-3 Visa Numbers Open and Consular Processing

    The State Department states that they allocated a large number of EB-2 and EB-3 visas because of the USCIS I-140 and I-485 backlogs and because if the visa numbers are not used before the end of the fiscal years, some of them can be wasted. Assuming that the USCIS may continue their current processing times and backlogs in I-140 and I-485, the EB-2 and EB-3 may continue to remain current. However, it is just a speculation and risky to rely on such speculation when one handles his/her immigrant status.
    In time like this, the consular immigrant visa application is very risky for the two reasons. For instance, if the EB-2 or EB-3 numbers face a cut-off date again in August or September, unless their immigrant visa is "actually" issued and they enter the U.S. before the retrogression, they will be stuck abroad. For those who are currently residing in the U.S. and intend to apply for the immigrant visa through the consulates rather than adjustment of status through the USCIS, a similar risk will prevail, but unlike the those who are residing abroad, they will be able to extend the H-1B extension under AC 21 Act pending the visa number availability. In this regard, their risk is less but still high in that since they did not submit I-485, they will not be able to take advantage of obtaining EAD and Advancer Parole, not to mention AC 21 portability of the approved I-140 petition for change of employment. All in all, the consular immigrant visa application is not recommended when the future of the visa numbers remins unpredictable.

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  • lecter
    April 22nd, 2004, 07:16 PM
    i think you needed two light sources for this, one coming in from the left to lessen or remove the shadows. Some more DOF? Yes and No depends on what you're after. Flwoers of this colour are so hard to photo IMHO. Reds and flowers always give me grief. I like this rendition of the colour.. Were you happy?


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  • alex99
    09-14 06:26 PM

    girlfriend Would you like to see Ugly ugly betty makeover episode. Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 19
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  • yestogc
    05-11 10:03 PM
    Please do not arrive at anything, it is a standard text and you will be amazed to know that same matter I saw for my I-140 RFE.

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  • NYImmigrant
    12-06 01:53 PM
    Well I don't know for today... but in 2004, the going rate was $4/application

    FBI name check: This partially automated, name-based check searches over 86 million files documenting people who are the main subject or referenced in an FBI investigation. USCIS electronically submits applicant names to the FBI National Name Check Program for benefits such as naturalization, permanent residence, and asylum. The legacy INS queried the main files since 1985 but added reference files to security checks in 2002. USCIS submitted 1.5 million names at a cost of $6.0 million in FY 2004.


    July 27th, 2006, 04:50 PM
    Antonio - the English translation would be Great Egret. Once in a while we'll see a one or two perched on railings at the state parks around here but they always take off when we get closer.

    Vote 'Yes' for Immigration reform bill - 5882 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Vote 'Yes' for Immigration reform bill - 5882

    07-15 06:31 AM
    Thanks for your answer indio0617, it is greatly helpful.

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