Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • someoneincalif
    05-21 01:34 AM
    Folks, here are some lobbying and action items that will be very useful.

    1) Try reaching out to your American friends/managers/colleagues and ask them to call Senators.

    2) Universities are missing in action here. They are major beneficiaries of high-skilled immigration, because graduate school is typical first step. They must be concerned with not only the fact that special categories for researchers/professors is gone but also that lot fewer students from India and China will labor in their labs. COUNCIL OF GRADUATE EDUCATION is a good place to start.

    3) Someone please write and op-ed piece of NY Times. They are pretty sympathetic to these kind of issues. A major criteria for publication in the op-ed section is that the topic should be current. The plight of legal immigrants can't get more current that this. Any op-ed piece will get major exposure to our plight. Here is a link on how to contribute to NYT op-ed:
    The op-ed should not be complaining in tone, but rather show the value of having a proper high-skilled immigration reform for the American economy.

    4) Where are those powerful desis we see on rediff? There are many desi executives, board members. They regularly dole out money to campaigns. If they can't put a word for us now, when will they do? After all most of them went through this process.

    These are only some ideas on how we can cause at least some ripples. Please contribute more and put some in to action.

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  • monkeyman
    10-19 09:21 AM
    I am in a weird situation. My wife has green card and my child is a US Citizen and she has a PIO Card (Indian Green Card). I was on H-4 till my wife got the green card - however, I have been told that the H-4 is invalid as soon as the primary applicant receives the green card. I have received my EAD Card and I have completed the FP. For whatever reason, the lawyer did not apply for I-131 till Oct 12, 2007. Now he says, it will take 90 days. What documents should I be carrying while traveling to India to travel on AP (if I ever get one). Any response will be highly appreciated. Please help.

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  • pappu
    04-05 10:06 PM
    Good job. Thanks. Pls check your PM.

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  • slowwin
    05-20 09:04 AM
    This question is for an attorney:

    My spouse's case is this: She has applied for AOS I-485 (India) based on an underlying EB3 I-140 (PD feb. 2007) petition during July 2007. At that time she had also applied for an EB2 NIW self petition, which was recently approved in April 2009.

    Two issues arise now:

    a) The PD date of the newly approved I-140 is August 2007.How do we inform USCIS to capture previously approved EB3 I-140's PD. She has used AC21 to port to same or similar job, but he previous EB3 I-140 has not been revoked. Is it possible to capture previous PD?

    b) Do we have to send new I-485's or can we ask USCIS to interile newly approved EB2 NIW I-140 to the already submitted I-485s. If yes, how do we do that ?

    Thanks for the help.


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  • coolyaar
    01-12 11:33 PM

    Thanks for the reply. Will there be any issue if I dont have the paystubs
    between (13-Jan-07 and 04-Mar-07 ) and between (26-May-07 and


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  • andy garcia
    02-21 10:58 AM
    Yes, it can be done. Basically, you have to show that the work experience is at least the equivalent of a College degree. There are people, called "evaluators" (or something like that) that analyse all the credentials and work experiences to determine that equivalence. Immigration attorneys know how to use those "evaluators" whose "evaluations" are usually accepted by USCIS.

    Immigration attorneys know how to $$$$$$ those "evaluators" whose "evaluations" are usually $$$$$$$$ by USCIS


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  • AJT
    07-06 10:41 PM
    Dear Core Team,

    Can you please indicate on the site if there are any bills (pending or otherwise in both the house and senate) that can get renewed focus or revived that would offer some sort of relief to the current situation of unavailability of visa numbers in the employment based green card process. I strongly feel that the current momentum and attention being drawn by the DOS/CIS update can be used to urge congress to pass some interim measure outside of CIR. That is where in my opinion should IV's focus be at this juncture. If and when you post anything on the site, i and other IV members i'm sure shall begin calling house reps. and senators to urge them for bringing the bill to the floor so that it provides relief to hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants.


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  • krishnam70
    05-01 05:15 PM
    1)My I 94 expires in 2 months.I don't want to extend H1 and I want to use EAD.So how can I extend my I94 if I start using EAD?

    2)I finished 4yrs of stay on H1B. If I don't extend H1B now and start using EAD, if by any reason my 485 denies in future, can I switch back to my H1B and work for the remaining 2yrs on H1B?

    Just start using your EAD and if you have an Advance Parole use that next time you enter the country from a trip abroad and you will get a new I-94.

    - cheers


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  • roseball
    01-07 01:41 PM
    Few months ago, my company filed for my 7th year extension and USCIS approved the extension for only 8 months instead of 1 year (my I-140 hadn't been approved yet). My lawyers contacted USCIS for clarification and we finally heard back from them. They say that the approval of 8 months is correct and gave no explanation for why it was not for 1 year (which I would have qualified for since my LC was approved when the extension was filed).

    Has anyone else experienced a similar thing?

    Check with you employer on the validiity of the associated LCA. At the time of your H1 approval, there might have been only 8 months of validity left on the LCA. Other reason could be, assuming you are working for a consulting company, USCIS might have given you an extension till the end of the current project. I have seen several cases where USCIS only gave 6 month extensions because the project PO was only valid for 6 months.

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  • inskrish
    02-12 07:02 PM
    Hi all,

    Any one can please help me, I am leaving at Atlanta, Georgia, I have 5 years old son his passport is going expire next month so I would like to apply. Any could tell me what are the documents required, what form I need to fill, fee, where can I apply for renewal etc......

    Thank you in Advance..



    Check here for the procedures to renew you son's passport: New Document ( I assume your son is an Indian citizen.


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  • Chintu2009
    02-09 02:22 PM
    He wants to get F1 status and study full time. So, my l2 and ead will no longer be valid, if he quits his job?

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  • Gravitation
    07-18 09:22 AM
    Can somebody file 140/485 if labor is approved today July 18th based on the new directive? How about future Labor approvals, say August 5th? Could somebody plz throw some light on this?
    If you labor is approved by July 31st, you can file your I-485 by August 17th.

    If your labor is approved on Aug 1st or later, you'll not be able to file I-485 at this time. You can, of course, file I-140.


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  • jsb
    11-02 04:26 PM
    My labour was filed for a software engineer position (java, udb, etc) 3 years ago. Over that time, my role has changed to a project manager. Infact I don't do any coding anymore. If I invoke AC21 after 180 days, can I switch to a Project Manager position?
    These are two different skills, unless you can manage to have job description of your new job to be the same as in LC. Or you can leave it the way it is, provided your employer intends to hire you as a software engineer upon approval of LC, and you intend to accept it. In the meantime, do whatever you want - project management or anything unrelated.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-27 05:02 PM
    is it absolutely safe to travel with pending i 485 app with valid h1b stamping with receipt notice and completed fp.?we are kind of confuded whether to plan for the travel...We have not yet received the actual advance parole. i read somwhere that if u leave the country wth pending i 485 but without ap ur appl is considered this true.?..we have the option to change the trip to apr too.In a nutshell is it completely safe to travel on 485 pending appl without ap with valid stamping.?:confused:
    Has any1 wth the same situation has gone and come back without any issues?
    Gurus ur input s greatly appreciated.

    Whats your PD? If you are on H1, have a stamping and already have the 485 receipt, the only possible issue with travel is if your 485 gets approved when you are abroad. People have still managed to enter on H1 as PoE officer apparently does not realize about your 485 approval.

    If its a recent PD, then no issues, you can travel (Actually my lawyer told me I can travel even without getting the 485 receipt, but thats apparently a bit of a grey area)


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  • Sakthisagar
    06-23 09:02 AM
    Murdoch and Speyer on what they would do if they were President Obama:- Murdoch: "I would establish my authority. And I would certainly seek actively to have more influence in Congress."
    - Murdoch: It's irresponsible of President Obama ("I shouldn't say corrupt") to seemingly stand aloof on various important issues while focusing only on a select few.
    - Murdoch: "I think there can be much better initiatives coming from the government." The health debate is "a fiction," will cost a fortune and will not improve the health industry.
    - Speyer: "If you run a business, you have to be a leader; demonstrate you are in charge. The President is a very smart man; the problem is he hasn't exercised leadership."
    - Speyer: "I don't believe we're running efficiently." Instead of raising taxes, he said he would reduce them and also cut government spending, which has "gotten out of control."

    Speyer and Murdoch on immigration and education:
    - Speyer: One of the biggest challenges we will face after the recession is human resources. Despite today's unemployment, we are going to need people.
    - Murdoch: "We have a crazy immigration system. It's an absolute scandal and it must be tackled by the administration quickly." We educate people and afterward we refuse to give brilliant minds a green card; we are losing talent.

    Read on
    Murdoch and Speyer Blast Obama � Billions - (

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  • bhartigorkar
    07-26 11:43 AM
    I am not the art student.Just using online resources i was trying to build my skills.May be this is reflecting in my work now.So i have decided to quit from this competition.I am taking back all of my entries.



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  • kalyan
    08-06 03:26 PM
    same with me. I was the only one to be recruited after months of efforts.

    Now they started my LC with Manager's approval. Lawyer is doing the same thing.

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  • GCBy3000
    04-06 04:06 PM
    Hi, I have a question.

    1. My colleague crossed 2 years after filing 485. Frustrated with GC processes, he is switching company for better career prospects. He is using his EAD and invoking AC21. Is it possible for me to use his labor? If no, why?

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  • Anna35
    09-18 12:33 PM
    My attorney submitted my I485/EAD/AP last July 20th, the USCIS in Nebraska received it on July 23 by R. Pitcher at 9.29 am, since then I have no information on checks, LUD or receipts.

    I reviewed all the information sbmitted by my attorney and I fond that she sent my paperwork using FEdex to:

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S Street
    PO Box 87845
    Lincoln, NE
    US 68508

    After taking a look to the USCIS site the address is correct but she missed the PO BOX numbers and wrote 87485 do you think this is a problem, please advise guys. what can I do


    06-11 12:55 PM
    ... But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

    I think this issue used to be there. Why do you think otherwise? COS is not computerized to happen on Oct 1. It is manual process, while approving H1B, it is done. When someone enters after that on H4, then that COS is overwritten.

    What lawyer is telling in this regard?

    09-20 04:21 PM
    USCIS clairified today, No

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