Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • paddy.
    06-24 06:37 PM
    Grinch got my my vote. His second volley with the light burst is fantastic looking. Nice work guys keep it up.

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  • newbie2020
    04-29 08:45 PM
    I'm guessing you meant "insight" (understanding, revelation) not "oversight" (supervision, mistake)

    Insight or Oversight all it really matters is the content, Do u care if it were a doc file instead of a PDF

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  • 131313
    September 14th, 2005, 04:58 PM
    Dude. Your "Bloody Eyes", "Ozzfest 2005", and "John 5" rock.
    Who are those guys, bloody eyes, and the guy with glasses in the Ozzfest 05 photo? I guess I don't know who John 5 is either, looks like he'd play for MM. ...guess other than Sabb and Maiden, arenarock aint my thing.
    ...saw your ?? about PPlanet, I'll let ya know if they correct it next month.

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  • loudobbs
    08-28 05:46 PM
    Thanks sgupta33!!


    The dept. of labor uses two types of codes, one of which is the SOC code. Yours may be a SOC code (Standard Occupational Classification) or the other one (name I can't remember). If you look at and search for articles on AC21, you'll find information on the two types of codes the DOL uses. The go to the DOL website and do a search for the two types of occupational codes and see which classification system your code matches. Once you access the classification, just look for your number and it should give you a brief description. I did this for my code.


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  • ramaonline
    11-01 04:17 PM
    485 receipt notice is required for new EAD or for renewal of existing EAD. Pl send them a copy of the I485 receipt notice document in addition to a copy of the existing EAD card

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  • sundar99
    02-27 01:41 AM

    Perhaps - if we show that India can benefit by 1 Billion $ worth of H1 folks Social Sec Contribution for India's development, might either US Govt commit to returning the money or make provision for quicker dispension of GC cases for H1 folks waiting for GCs... Kamal nath, Dayanidhi Maran are shrewd and savvy politicians unlike other folks who are equal to lalooos !


    RANCH 99 is a popular Chinese groceries visited by most chinese indeed in Silicon Valley _ Bay Area - This can be a sure shot for publicity for EB Retro Join the cause campaign among them.

    Not sure if this is a good idea, 1. Either to put a English note on How chinese is affected because of EB Visa Retrogression ? and pass the website and email id to join ?

    Or get a person to translate it into Chinese and put it up in Ranch 99 - Milpitas, berkley, Fremont, Sanjose ? Ranch 99 is a popular place among chinese network to buy vegetables and well networked among chinese !

    I am assuming there must be similar network of Chinese Shops in other cities !. I am going to ask a few of my students from China to post it in their internal mail aliases for wide coverage !

    Some thoughts on this ? ALSO _ Indians perhaps can talk to Silicon india, then other Bay Area local newspapers to publish it ? - Put it up in Komala Vilas, Udupi, etc ?


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  • vinaykadiyam
    01-01 12:48 PM
    Hi sir,

    I have some queries regarding my journey. I just wanted to clarify them. Actually I got visa in Sept,2008 and expires on Sept 2011. I am planning to come in Feb,2011.Will I face any issues regarding my visa at the port of entry, because it expires in 8 months. So I am worried regarding that please clarify my query?

    If I face any issues over there what will be my next step to proceed?Please suggest me.

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • Kapils573
    12-12 06:43 AM
    Hello everyone,
    My driver's license has come up for renewal in Feb 2009. I have 2 yrs EAD.I have send my H1 for renewal but it has not got yet approved..
    My employer suggessted that I use my EAD card to get my license renewed. In Ideal case I would like to use my approved H1 to renew my license. However since its taking time for my H1 renewal can I use my EAD card to get my license renewed.

    Guru's pls guide




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  • gcworkaround
    11-26 01:32 PM
    Just wondering if anybody is giving up hopes of GC and switching from H1B to E3D (Dependent of Australian spouse) to take advantage of 2-yr renewable EADs...? How long does it take to get the initial EAD...Continue working without pay (or is there a workaround) while waiting for EAD?....any problems getting visa stamped with a 'yes' for past immigrant petition filed...
    7yrs in this country...EB2 PD of 10/07 due to job 140 yet, no 485...6yrs in same job? no promotions? with 3yr extensions...frustration beyond words...E3D seems to a ray of hope but no idea of complications involved.

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  • akilaakka
    04-25 09:49 AM
    The president can do very little about this. Indeed he tried. It is the congress .


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  • gparr
    May 13th, 2004, 10:42 PM
    While out shooting today, I came across a pond with bullfrogs. I captured one sticking his head out of the water. I knew it was a wasted frame and never intended to use it for anything and probably should have deleted it. I shot the image with my 75-300 handheld at 300 mm, f/8, at 1/250 sec. Generally this is a combination that isn't worth the energy required to push the shutter button, particularly with a lens that is far from award-winning. For fun, I decided to see how well the image (original is RAW) would hold up with severe cropping. All PS processing done essentially the same. Frankly, I'm impressed with the results. To see the blood vessels in the frog's eye with that much of a crop is impressive. What do others think?

    Here's the crop:

    Here's the uncropped full frame:

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  • rajenk
    06-15 04:24 PM
    As you have said, try to prepare all documents to prove that your project will be lasting for 3 more years. That should help you getting a 3 year extension.

    Good luck


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  • H1B-GC
    05-28 11:40 AM

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  • nhfirefighter13
    June 20th, 2004, 11:13 AM
    The guy in the boxing stance is an aspiring film producer who saw a photo of Jet Li done by Jeff Dunas where everything but the leading fist was in focus and wanted something similar. I like it because it's different.

    The guy crouching....his face is out of focus no photoshop involved, that was my mistake. Unfortunately, I have to go with lighting and posing aspects to hopefully override the focus issue as I'm out of time.

    No comments on the guitar shot? I'm just going to go with a "no news is good news" attitude on that one. :)

    Truth be told, I've had a lot of problems with this portrait class. I've never really done formal portraits (nevermind worked in a full-blown studio environment) before so I had (and still have) a lot to learn.

    Thanks for the comments though. :cool:

    221g - pink. a couple of questions [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : 221g - pink. a couple of questions


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  • pd052009
    05-23 09:45 PM
    My comments were quoted in the blog. As said by previous posters, they have picked few lines from my comments. These comments were related to Qn#1 (How can immigration reform support America’s competitiveness in a 21st century economy?). We can not expect to see all the quotes from one user in issues like this.

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  • 90210
    07-19 01:22 PM
    Thank you !


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  • grinch
    06-24 07:53 PM
    Haha I was thinking about that one! Thanks for clearing it up!

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  • am4gc
    01-17 12:56 PM
    WAC numbers means they are in california center. you can check the status typing this WAC number in;jsessionid=ciau4ahASQxb

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  • kirupa
    10-23 05:04 PM
    Hey m0r,
    Yeah that is a great idea. I hope to have some Swift 3D V3 tutorials out soon that cover a lot of stuff such as movement. Maybe a Swift 3D Open Source section; I won't mind to have that placed on the site :)

    Kirupa :P

    01-07 10:49 AM
    This bill won't get passed.

    This bill will only help their media groups get some sensationalizing material to raise their publicity, but there is absolutely no way it can get passed.

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) isn’t wasting any time with his immigration agenda, dropping a bill on the first day of Congress that goes after birthright citizenship.
    Read more: Steve King unveils birthright bill - Simmi Aujla - (

    07-23 12:24 AM
    Just curious. Is there anything special with the date "07/18/08"?:)

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