Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • martinvisalaw
    09-23 03:40 PM
    Your wife is fine. There is a CIS memo that specifically says that her H-4 status is not employer-specific. The only thing is that she will have a different expiration date to you. She would no get admitted for any longer than her visa, even showing your H-1B approval.

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  • tammman
    12-11 02:07 AM
    Hello All,

    My wife's AP was sent out on NOV13th according to online status and we didnt receive it till now and I called the USCIS today and the rep we didnt receive it back as undelivereable & once its once out of our office its not their concern & told re-applying is the only option.

    Issue?: My wife went to INDIA and she is on L1 and I was wondering when I re-apply her AP here, can she enter while her AP is pending approval ?
    her L1 is valid till June 2010.

    What are our options, please advise.

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  • jags_e
    07-09 08:12 PM
    This is a worthy next step...

    I think this is great!!!

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  • jasmin45
    07-16 07:30 AM
    I also saw a thread in IV forums dedicated to record experience in SJ rally! you may also find lots of ideas in there as well.


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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-02 11:29 AM
    Infact most questions answered in the call are not in the post. Did I miss something?

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  • zuhail
    07-23 09:00 AM
    You can take time off -- like 4 weeks without any issue (I have done this), as long as the new company has filed to transfer your H1B petition.

    I guess you should avoid going out of status -- where the old company has revoked your H1B when the new company hasn't even filed the H1B transfer petition. Other than this, taking time off between jobs should not be any problem at all, provided you stay within the country and, no travel outside the US. But if you do, you should consult your lawyer about its implications. Good luck with your new endeavors.


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  • Anders �stberg
    July 1st, 2004, 06:49 AM
    �Hola! Alcanor - Welcome!

    Nice picture, please show us more...

    Don't worry about your English, it's certainly better than my Spanish. :)

    incorrect information from Immigration Officers at TSC [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : incorrect information from Immigration Officers at TSC

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  • h1vegas
    07-24 06:27 PM
    Please help me on this question

    I was on F-1 Visa in 2003 I applied for the labor certification through a friend's company- call it Company- A, on the intention to to work in his company as a Network administrator. I got my labor approved and I -140 is approved too. The priority date is december 2003. All these years I was waiting for my priority date to become current.Currently I work for Company B with same job title and credentials. I have an H-1 from company B.

    What do you suggest

    1) Shall I go ahead and apply for the I 485 from company A (company A is willing to help). Can INS ask for the pay stubs? Becoz I never actually worked at my friend's company.

    2) It will take 3-4 months for company B to finish doing my labor certification and apply for my I -140. But it would be too late for the priroty date. (It may retrogress).

    3)I understand that once my current company's I -140 is approved i can request to keepo my previous priority date

    what shall i do now in july/august.
    you think i just go ahead and apply for I-485 and get the EAD card for me and my wife
    Do i have to work for the company A later (I can do that)
    What are the risk factors involved

    Pls help me


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  • hojo
    10-07 06:17 PM
    touch ups look nice, good job

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  • ruchigup
    05-01 02:34 PM
    I just talked with my current employer, and they seems willing to sign letter as appropriate in respondin to RFE.


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  • svermani
    04-05 07:35 PM
    Thanks Hasil.

    Anyone else who can tell me about a good attorney in Chicago area, it is urgent for me to contact a good attorney as there is a mistake in 485 application.


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  • aquagirl
    07-12 01:08 PM
    My employer had sent my H-1 application in May first week, but he didn't even receive the EAC number till last week. So, he re-filed my H-1, this time by premium processing and its been a week, and still no EAC number. Is anyone having the same delays as me? If so, is there any way to contact someone or get the status of my application? Looking for an urgent response. Thanks,


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  • vbkris77
    03-03 11:03 PM
    Quick survey to findout how many people like the idea of having their passports restamped here in USA and avoid all the surprises and shocks. This doesn't need any legal fixes. It is a convenient measure for everyone. Besides it was an old practice that was stopped for "security" reasons or some crapp. It is a small step but helps with any cases like family emergency or some urgent business need to travel abroad.

    Based on the poll results and suggestions, we can comeup with a strategy to address the issue.

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  • perlgal
    06-16 02:02 PM

    I want to apply for Green Card in EB2 Category through my employee. But I already have a green card in process via my spouse's employee in EB3 Category.

    1. So will I be able to get the priority date of the green card process which is in EB3 Category?
    2. Can I add my spouse in my EB2 visa process?
    3. What are risks involved, if any?

    Many Thanks


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  • english_august
    08-20 11:59 PM
    I applied for the subscription, please approve my subscription

    Your subscription should be approved. Please PM me if it is not

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  • sumanitha
    12-06 05:13 PM
    I am a question regarding h1b stamp.

    I am working for a company (A) and I have visa stamp for company A until Dec 2010. I am planning to switch to company B soon. I was wondering if I need another visa stamp with company B or the same stamp will do. I am planning to visit India in February.
    Thanks in advance

    As for as my memory goes, you dont need to get a visa stamp till Dec 2010. However, when you reenter USA, you need to show the current company's I797 at the port of entry.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: I am not a lawyer and I am giving suggestions based on my experience.


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  • BKY
    09-27 08:46 AM
    thanks a lot for your reply. It gives me great comfort knowing that I am not risking it all for an EB2 on which the attorney is only 50% hopeful

    Why do you think that your EB2 I-140 will not be approved ?

    What is your qualifications and experience ?

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  • billu
    07-30 08:19 PM
    My in-laws got their visa at new delhi consulate on friday. they had appointment in english at new delhi. I had been looking for hindi appt dates at new delhi since june mid every day for 6-7 hours at morning and evening but could not get any hindi dates. Finally, had to book english dates on july 23 for july 30 appointment. here is my in-laws' experience:

    first, they had a VO who asked them qs in english with accent. they were not able to understand a thing, so they requested him to ask qs in hindi after which he asked them to go to another counter where a young guy asked them qs in hindi. he was very polite and smiling all the time.

    VO: Show me ur daughter's visa
    we did not send them my wife's visa since i was sponsoring them.
    Dad: We do not have daughter's visa. Here is son-in-law's visa

    VO looked at the visa (I-797 and visa stamp copy), checked in computer for 4-5 mins and then asked
    VO: Was it an arranged marriage?
    Dad: Yes
    VO: Tell me more about the process.
    Dad: It was arranged marriage. My son-in-law's parents contacted us and then the girl and boy met each other and .....he described the process of arranged marriage.

    VO smiled and asked: What do you do?
    Dad: I am a businessman.
    VO: What kind of business you do?
    Dad told about his business

    VO: Aapka Visa Manzoor ho gaya hai (Your visa has been approved).

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  • chandra140
    10-13 01:37 PM
    I got the 140 denial notice.....the reason was not clear...here it is......

    The petitioner did not submit an individual labour certification for the beneficiary or evidence of schedule A designation.As such, the beneficiary is ineligible for classification as a member of the preofessions holding an advanced degree or an alien of exceptional ability.

    Can i know what reason did u got in ur 140 denial notice.

    10-26 12:24 PM
    How do you know that your case has been transferred from NSC to TSC.

    Receipt has address of issuing office at the bottom of it. I also had nothing showing up in the system until yesterday, but today, our EAD's are in the system, but not I-485 or I-131. Perhaps EAD is considered a priority.

    04-07 12:03 PM
    I entered US on H1 and the officer stamped the I-94 expiry date to the expiry date of the passport. I applied for a new passport but forgot about the I-94 expiry date. Does it mean that my H1B is expired and not valid? Can I re-enter US on the same H1B visa. Or, my H1B is no longer valid and I have to use AP?

    Please let me know.

    When did your I94 expired?

    Even though it expired and if you are having a EAD you are legal.

    Your H1B visa is still valid. If you want you can reenter using the same H1B Visa.

    All you need is to extend your stay. I think you can do it by contacting CBP office in your area.

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