Tuesday, June 28, 2011

funny obama pictures

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  • Funny Obama Shirt. Yes we did!

  • kdd
    12-31 11:41 PM
    it looks professional, great job! :thumb: i don't have xbox 360, so that's why i'm asking this questions: why are there two prices? is it because there are? :P

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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    11-02 11:15 AM
    You pay 10% Penalty plus 30% taxes. Eitherway you will pay 30% taxes.
    Listen, Invest agressively. and if you make 10% gain... (RIO jumped 5% in a week!) you are fine.
    I religiously do IRA and would recommend to everyone.

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  • smarth
    02-13 03:18 PM
    Hi ,

    howmany days will it take by USCIS to give decision once after we submit all relevant documents for I140 RFE.



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  • andy garcia
    02-21 10:58 AM
    Yes, it can be done. Basically, you have to show that the work experience is at least the equivalent of a College degree. There are people, called "evaluators" (or something like that) that analyse all the credentials and work experiences to determine that equivalence. Immigration attorneys know how to use those "evaluators" whose "evaluations" are usually accepted by USCIS.

    Immigration attorneys know how to $$$$$$ those "evaluators" whose "evaluations" are usually $$$$$$$$ by USCIS


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  • Funny Obama Pictures

  • pani_6
    08-18 05:29 PM
    I had applied for my I-140 to seek an extension from Oct-09 to OCT-10..Instead I recieved an I-140 with expiry date of Oct-09 itself..what to do now..I know its a genuine mistake..but not sure how to get that addressed..:confused:

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  • Funny Obama Pictures | Funny

  • jliechty
    February 11th, 2004, 09:30 AM
    Well, the first thing that I noticed was not the ceiling, but rather the cute little Shetland Sheepdog in the middle of the walkway. Of course, I love dogs (and especially Shelties)... ;)

    I think if I stare at the image long enough, I can sometimes see the effect you're talking about, though it's not like that effect jumps out at me. IMHO, this picture is still a good study of geometric forms, whether or not it has issues with optical illusions. :)


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  • gcowboy09
    06-15 03:37 PM
    My 6 years on H1b expires on Nov 2010. I have 140 approved from company A.

    1.What's the earliest I can apply for 3 year H1b extension based on my 140 approval?

    2. If I switch to company B right now and get company B to file for labor using my approved labor's priority date, are there any time restrictions for filing H1b extension?

    3. Suppose I get a 3 yr H1b extension from company A, can i switch to different company after that using that H1b visa?

    Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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  • hibworker
    09-14 03:36 PM
    No you can not port priority date.


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  • Funny+obama+cartoon

  • funkycatspangky
    07-19 05:34 PM
    my GC application was done in 2001 via my mom who is a GC holder.

    Will IV assist in legal non employment based GC application?

    or is IV only active in employment based GC issues?


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  • l_ynx
    10-25 05:12 AM
    of course...
    that works
    just another question:
    when you make a new material, can you export it or save it?? or sth. like that?


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  • nhfirefighter13
    June 10th, 2004, 10:18 PM
    A few more....

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  • fatboysam
    09-04 08:09 PM
    I am in US on h1b through change of status from l1b , i am going to India on vacations , so will have to stamp my h1b visa.

    I was going through form DS160, i have some questions

    1. . US point of contact information ? can i give contact of my friend or it has to be someone in my company ?

    2. Monhtly salary in Local currency ? do i have to convert my current US monthly salary to Rupees ?



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  • gevgelija50
    11-01 12:06 PM
    Thanks for the reply - that helps.

    Another question I had was about LUDs. I did my FP on Oct-29-07 on which date I also noticed an updated LUD (from Sep-25 to OCT-29).

    However, on Oct-31, I noticed that the LUD was updated yet again to OCT-30.

    Any idea what this could mean?


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  • Karthikthiru
    09-19 12:50 PM



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  • Anil_s
    03-03 07:21 PM

    Thank you for the information so if I am leaving country then will it be a problem?


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  • pani_6
    12-15 02:28 PM
    To buttress IV strategy any tasks for members during the holiday season..I understand we dont dicuss any strategies in open Forums..but to support your strategies during the holiday season?..people will have a little more free time..so we can involve in writing / meeting senators!??..

    There is only lill time before the senate opens again!


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  • H1B-GC-NY
    02-14 02:55 PM
    I've been waiting since 20th of December. Thats when they (NSC) received my documentation reply.. and still no news!!! Have heard that NSC were on vacation (December and January), they just returned ... That's too bad!

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  • jzero
    04-22 04:59 PM
    30 viewers and no single comment..................

    Any idea of how eliminate such gap when we do not want spaces between images?

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  • jaggu bhai
    10-13 11:30 AM
    Hi folks

    We have applied for COS for my wife from H4 - F1, and yesterday we got approval.
    Now the question is,
    I AM AWARE THAT SHE HAS TO GET STAMPED IF SHE TRAVELS TO INDIA, BUT what if she travels to India, when on OPT status????

    Any seniors had experienced the same situation?????????

    Pl advice


    07-18 01:52 PM
    Hello Experts,

    Little bit of background. I have been working on h1 since 2003 and applied labor in Mar 2005.
    I have was able to get my application with 2007 filers. Got my 140 approved last year and ead and FP done as well. My GC sponsoring company is a desi consultancy, which is helpful to a certain extent and I have been with them since 2004.

    I am in a bit of a dilemma now. The client, where I have been working for last few years, have instated a new policy in which contractors must be on W2 with the vendors. Vendor I am working with is not big and like any other consultancy (Tek, comsys), will fire if you don't have a project for 15-20 days. In the past, I wouldn't have bothered even thinking about this and moved on for another project but because of recession and difficult job market and I am contemplating this move.

    After doing research, I am thinking of the following strategy.

    I will transfer my h1b with the vendor and will not use EAD. Plan to work with the vendor for as long as possible and when the contract ends move back with the GC sponsoring employer. I am going with assumption that the GC sponsor will not revoke my 140 (even though it shouldn't matter as I am past 180 days with 485 and 140 is approved) and when the contract ends I have something to fall back on to. Doing that could secure me if USCIS asks EVL in future and I can simply my GC sponsoring company to show that for future employment. Also, I want to keep h1b as a way to bring my wife (if and when, with divine intervention, I get married somehow).

    Do you think if this is a viable solution? Any suggestion is welcome.

    06-17 12:25 PM
    so why are ppl stuck for 2 to 4 years in security chks ?

    I hope he is not referring to the EAD as that is considered an immigration benefit.

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