Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angelina Jolie Vein Forehead

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  • newuser
    10-13 11:15 AM
    I did meet the 7th district lawmaker recently. Let me know if I can be of any help.

    Willing to join again if you don't have the no's

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  • smisachu
    08-22 04:09 PM

    Here is the link. Its 194 pages so lets read it and assimilate it. We might be able to use some key points.

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  • Intel
    10-05 01:07 PM

    I entered the U.S. on an F1 visa on March 9th 2007, and have continued to study in the U.S. as of now.

    I pay "Out-of-state" tuition to California State University, but I would like to know if there was anything I could do to become a legal resident of California to apply for In-state tuition.

    It's not that I am trying to get a way out of the system, but in reality I want to become a U.S. resident which is one of my goals, just popping up in here to see if there's anything I can do in the meantime.

    I have researched in Texas University, if I apply for a VISA, while it is processing I can pay IN-State tuition

    Q. How do I establish residency?
    A. One must be an independent (not claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes), US citizen or permanent resident, (have a green card, also known as card I-551 or the evidence of I-551 stamp in the passport) or international student who is eligible to establish a domicile in Texas and live in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months and establish a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment.

    Thank you for all your help! - Remember I am in CALIFORNIA not TX.

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  • HTI
    08-29 04:04 PM
    does it have to be any certain kinda eps file? I saved it as eps file in photoshop, and then import it to swift 3d. Then guess what happened.. I got a program erro pop up from swift 3d, it says "swift 3d has gernerted errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created."


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  • javacool2008
    07-18 01:12 PM
    After the show down of the USCIS and all the high skilled immigrats. USCIS posted that they are withdrawing the July 2nd board. This is great news.

    I have filed my I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 13th. According to the new board, USCIS will no long reject them.

    So what will happen from now on? What is the procedure after this?

    I guess this might be a newbie question. If someone can post some answers for me, it will be very helpful.


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  • anyluck?
    09-09 10:42 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Can we go to local USCIS office and get new I94.Does that resolve the issue.



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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-09 02:42 AM
    lol mine is soo bad compared to other people's hehe

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  • ivjobs
    11-11 10:14 AM
    Such hard times are good times for becoming entrepreneurs who in turn provide more jobs for those who lost their livelihood


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  • portalsguy
    10-11 10:43 PM
    I just got my labor approved for Masters degree and 3 years exp.

    I have 3 years B.Sc degree and 3 years MCA degree from India and my education eval. shows it as equivalent to MS in computer Science.

    In form ETA 750, under section 14, I have following data

    College degree required:
    Master of Science

    Major field of study
    Comp Sci/Engg,Info Sys Engg

    3 years

    Other fields under section 14 and 15 are blank.

    RIR Advertisement has mentioned following
    " Must have MS in Computer Science or Engineering, Information Systems Engineering or foreign degree equivalent with 3 years of relevant work experience."

    I am little confused about "College degree required:" field. It only says "Master of Science". Should it be "Master of Science Or foreign equivalent"?
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  • colemancol
    12-09 09:22 AM
    According to my knowledge the majority of name checks submitted are electronically checked and returned to the submitting agency as having "No Record" within 48-72 hours. The processing time for FBI name checks usually take from 30-120 days but timing does vary from case to case. The FBI�s intention is to have all visa requests processed within 120 days. Most name check requests that are over 60 days old are the result of the time required to retrieve and review field office record information. Any case which is not processed within this time frame is usually delayed because of a potential "hit" which will be further reviewed manually.


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  • deecha
    11-25 03:58 PM
    Basically, I think your labor can be re-appealed but it is a waste of time. It's better to work with your lawyer and get the job duties tick and tied with the paper filing. Nowadays there are lots of audit in the PERM system.

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  • Steve Mitchell
    February 7th, 2004, 10:59 AM
    Although I haven't confirmed, information of Sportsshooter is usually very reliable. Sounds like a lot of issues that were reported indeed were true. The 1D had an early fix after it's initial release as well. If true, it looks like Nikon is addressing the issues.

    Gene Bevins post.
    Astonishing if true, but it wouldn't be the first time that the first iteration of new technology like the LBCAST has not gone smoothly.
    I doubt it, as the only issue I am aware of is some concerns about noise, and that doesn't seem big enough to do a recall


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  • sp0
    03-20 07:50 AM
    Can i travel back to USA via London/UK without a valid US visa but with a valid AP?

    London is kind of picky to make sure we have a valid US visa when traveling via their country and have to change planes.

    My friend was coming back to USA via Emirates (Dubai/London/USA) and he was prevented to board the Dubai to London segment because he did not have a valid USA visa and they were not considering the AP documents.

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  • desi3933
    01-25 01:44 PM
    Hi All
    My AP document expired in NOv 2008. I traveled to India and got back in Aug 2008. The officer stamped the document and wrote paroled until Aug 2009.
    Can I travel on this document?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.


    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin


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  • chanduv23
    10-26 01:04 PM
    Folks can also ask questions at the conference, but it will be moderated and limited. We will let you know the process.

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  • Tommy_S
    04-09 05:45 AM
    Nice. Really professional look. ;)


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  • gparr
    April 22nd, 2004, 10:35 PM
    i think you needed two light sources for this, one coming in from the left to lessen or remove the shadows. Some more DOF? Yes and No depends on what you're after. Flwoers of this colour are so hard to photo IMHO. Reds and flowers always give me grief. I like this rendition of the colour.. Were you happy?

    Yes, I'm happy with the shot in general. I don't like using flash, but didn't have a choice on this one. I was battling heavy clouds and a building wind. I think I'll go back and shoot it again if the blooms are still in decent shape and try a bit more DOF. I also wish I'd noticed that little leaf on the bottom left. I hate when you think you've studied the entire field of view and then miss one little thing.

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

    How to find previous h1b applications made by a company? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : How to find previous h1b applications made by a company?

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  • continuedProgress
    12-27 11:17 AM
    - what documentation is required to be submitted to the USCIS about the new job.
    Employment letter along with AC21 letter.
    - What kind of documentation is required from the employer vs myself
    All you need from employer is employment letter.
    - When/how soon has this documentation is to be submitted
    I am not aware of any deadlines.
    - When do i need to apply for my renewal of my EAD card
    - What documentation is required to be submitted for the EAD renewal from employer vs myself
    Check 765 application form instructions on for both above.
    - Is it advisable to employ the services of an attorney if we run into issues.
    Sure, based on your questions above - an attorney may be useful to you. They can tell you what docs you need, where to get those from and to apply for renewals.
    - I worked on similar job for very short stints in between, but it was for a few weeks, does it endanger my case in anyway.
    Based on what you have told so far, doesn't seem like those endanger anything.

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  • saileshdude
    06-02 05:45 PM
    I'm curious if anyone has got multiple RFEs on their I-485 application. I had an EVL RFE last year and wonder about the chances they'll give that (or any other) RFEs again in future.

    Any personal experiences?

    By multiple RFE I don't mean many questions in 1 RFE letter. I mean USCIS sends you 1 RFE, receives reply and resumes the case and then at a later point in time sends another RFE on the same application.

    No personal experience but based on recent visa bulletin and slow movement prediction going forward I would not be surprised if they send another EVL RFE, especially if your PD is more recent. This is because if and when your PD is approaching to be current, that could take 2, 3 4 or even 5 years. They may ask for EVL again to verify you still have a job offer after 5 years.

    04-25 08:34 AM
    That is pretty much his strategy for almost every thing. Just talk talk talk talk..

    12-20 10:28 AM
    Yes I got the mail too and it says the same word to word. No surprise there.

    We would need to educate the problems to the Senators. They seem to think anything related to immigration like a tunnle view. Just one thought and one decision and that is wrong.

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