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Dianna Agron Sag 2011

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  • thomachan72
    06-17 01:42 PM
    Thanks for replying, I checked around and found out that it an official courtesy call.

    Please post updates of your interview process.

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  • Jaime
    04-09 06:37 PM

    This is nothing. This is also like Biden speaking in Central America recently. Lots of noise, but Obama is moving forward

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  • amitga
    06-10 03:25 PM
    How long does FQIA on my I-485 application will take ?
    Please let me know.

    I created similar thread before, just lost in time.

    Contributed $200 towards Advocacy.

    It just cost 44 cents to file a FOIA. Just file it and think later how much time it will take.

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  • pd_recapturing
    10-24 07:57 PM
    Absolutely, you can apply a fresh labor any time irrespective of your filing stage. Lots of people do that.


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  • goel_ar
    11-04 06:29 AM
    I am in similar situation. SSN office refuses to give status on phone. So I have to go in person with 2-3 hour wait. Then the lady sends me back saying - "it can take up to 12 weeks".

    Any ideas?


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  • flash.stoffer
    08-07 04:07 PM

    A otherone :)

    I can't stop making them ;)


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  • Green.Tech
    07-18 03:38 PM
    Premium processing for 140 has been suspended until July 31, 2007.

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  • frostrated
    06-18 02:38 PM
    My husband's employer filed for green card under EB-1 (OR). I-140 got approved, I-485 is pending. I already did my fingerprinting. My husband's is scheduled for next week. We did not get EAD or AP yet.

    Meanwhile I need to travel to Europe on business. I have a valid H-1 to re-enter US. Would my AP get approved before I return to US? If so, can I still enter with my valid H-1? My husband is planning to delay his biometrics until I get back. Are there any problems with this plan? Please advise

    As long as you travel on H-!, you have no problems. You do not need AP to travel as long as your H-1 is valid. If you need a visa to re-enter, your visa needs to be valid too, or you can get a new visa based on your H-1.

    If you want to avoid getting your visa renewed, then you need an AP.
    Your husband does not need to delay his biometrics. It is independent of your case.


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  • qwerty14
    01-20 01:14 PM

    My main worry is that since I dont have a copy of the I-140 approval from old employer, Is there a way the new employer can ask USCIS to look up that case(I have a copy of the receipt)?

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  • antihero
    05-24 01:34 PM
    ADIT processing = "Automatic Deletion of Irrelevant Threads" processing

    Your thread will soon get ADIT processed.


    Can anyone tell me what is ADIT processing?


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  • Can45
    03-04 10:07 AM
    I am now "current" with Nebraska and the latest Visa Bulletin. I have completed all other hurdles (including finger printing) how long should I expect now to wait now for my green card to be adjudicated ?

    Also, I have no idea about the FBI name check.. How do you even know if your file is being held up because of an FBI name check ?

    My status
    The March 2008 Visa Bulletin indicates they are proceessing up to priority date of 01 Jan 2005 (my PD date is Jan 2004)


    Nebraska Service Center Processing Dates -posted Feb 15 2008- indicates a I-485 EB �processing time frame� of July 30th 2007 (my receipt date is June 12 07/Notice date July 10 2007.

    Perhaps some of you had a similar experience and can kindly share how long you waited in the final step for the GC once you were "current".

    thank you !

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  • upuaut8
    08-21 11:11 AM
    Sorry, I got distracted with a couple other things. I'll look for the 3D creation I made. Thanks for the reminder


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  • giveme_gc
    10-17 02:38 PM
    I have got federal loan under this same situation. Wondering why you need a private loan ?

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  • desi3933
    06-16 04:53 PM
    Do I need to provide any proof during the interview stating he is my step son? or the documents between the mother and the son will suffice?

    Proof that he is biological son of your wife (birth certificate).

    Not a legal advice.


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  • mdmd10
    08-28 12:33 PM
    hi !
    we have recently finished our finger printing ... can anyone tell me what will be the next step ..


    sure...attend the Immigration Rally!!

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  • PDOCT05
    11-19 12:30 PM
    Congrats man...what date did you do the resubmit?


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  • bank_king2003
    04-23 06:49 PM
    Thanks aruben for your reply.

    the client is happy with my work and he cant pay me legally because i am not his employee so he wants to give me equity as his appreciation which i can later utilise if at all the company grows in future.


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  • nashorn
    12-15 12:50 PM
    You need to make it more clear to get help.

    You said she got a H4 stamp when she first came to the US based on your H1B. That could not be true. She must had a I-797 approval notice of her H4.

    You need all her I-797s of H4. Check the starting and ending times on them. Their should be no gap between. Any gap, if during which she was in the US, means illegal stay. But, if she had left the US after the gap and returned legally, the gap wouldn't be treated as illegal stay when you file 485. The evidence you need to prove this the her I-94s. All the VISA she'll ever has are the ones in her passport.

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  • simple1
    09-17 01:25 PM
    The following attracted me.
    - only toefl required. no gre/gmat required.
    - low fees (with sponsored tuition option)
    - detc accretion (legal, not a diploma mill)
    - no residency required.

    Other than that it is not a famous university. I believe it is not in any ranking what so ever.

    more details.
    They offer specialization on sales, strategy, finance, hr, health services and marketing.

    I am just thinking about applying. Not decided yet.

    This is interesting. Do you know more about the program ?
    The website has very little info. They want $75 fee to get started.
    Is there info on who offers the degree, how many courses need to be taken, how long does it take etc ?

    04-30 02:37 PM
    I have a couple of questions regarding H1B.

    My current H1B(10th year) is expiring in a month and I am planning to use EAD. My 140 is approved and 485 is pending for over 2 years with company A. At the same time my second 140 is pending with company B.

    The question is, in case if I used my EAD to work and for some reason if my 485 is denied, can I get back to my H1B? I was under the impression that I will have to leave the country and wait for 1 year to reset the clock but I was told by someone that its not necessary to wait for an year and I can file a H1B based on my pending I-140 with company B and will have to do it while outside of the country. ( This process does not require a new quota).

    Is this true? any ideas?

    Given the situation for 485 denial. AFAIK, You have an option of filing for H1B (not counted against quota) based on your B's labor approval and pending 140. Once you use the EAD, technically you don't have the H1B status to transfer or extend. Hence, it will require you to go to consulate (b/c approval will come without I94) to stamp, and start working for Company B after you return.

    06-02 04:04 PM
    Hello all,

    I am an Indian national currently in the AOS-pending state. My wife & I are looking to adopt a child either from India/US or a different country. From what I have found out, this seems to be a herculean task. Is this even possible? Has anyone successfully completed this process, or know of the details/steps involved. Any information is appreciated.



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