Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • maverick_joe
    05-13 10:22 AM
    Congrats! good to see an EB3 I from July 2003 getting his GC.

    I got my GC but my wife's application (based on my 485) is still pending. I think at this point I can switch jobs/go to school full time and it won't affect my spouse's case. Just want to double check on this, any thoughts??

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  • VivekAhuja
    06-16 07:15 PM
    Possible if Master's is in same field.

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  • cse9423
    11-05 05:49 PM
    last week our ap approved, it took 75 days. I didn't expediate

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  • immigration_confused
    11-17 05:30 PM
    My wife and I are currently working on EAD and have used the AP to entry the US. We will be going to the Canadian consulate to apply for Canadian Visa (want to go on vacation). I had the following questions:-

    1) What all papers are required?
    2) How long will they issue the canadian visa for? I am planning on obtaining a multiple entry visa. When I was on H1 they issued me a visa which was till the end of my H1 expiration date.



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  • psaxena
    08-06 08:41 PM
    Join the donor, the fun is right in their.

    There used to be a number of threads created / discussed every day on IV... those good ol' days... a lot of good discussions on a variety of topics, including immigration:D

    But of late I am seeing fewer threads on IV and wondering what could be the reason.

    1. Either a lot of folks got greened and stopped visiting IV
    2. or a lot of folks lost jobs & abandoned their GC process
    3. or a lot of folks got frustrated and left for their home countries

    Is this just me feeling this way or...?

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  • raysaikat
    07-26 03:50 AM
    Has anyone requested premium processing of I-140 based on expiry of the sixth year of H1B. My 6th year H1B expires next month and I think I am eligible for premium processing.

    You are eligible only if there is *no* other way of extending your H1-B. If your labor certificate is more than 1 year old, then you are not eligible. In that case you can get 1 year extension based on the LC.


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  • GCBoy786
    10-30 01:23 PM
    Today, our AP status has changed to "Document mailed to applicant". Does this mean that they have mailed the approval document or is it an RFE document?

    For most of the applicants the status has turned to "Approval Notice sent" but mine is different. Is anyone in the same boat.

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  • deba
    04-03 06:56 PM
    Hi all, not sure if this has been posted in any other thread, if so, Admin please delete.

    I was surprised to get a letter in mail from USCIS today dated March 26th referring my letter sent to White House from IV letter campaign.

    Basically it says the letter was forwarded to USCIS from White House and after they researched my case, it is still under name check and my PD is not current yet for a visa. They also included three inserts on fact sheet about name checks-why and how, new memorandum on name checks that has been discussed here and the March/08 visa bulletin showing that my priority date is not current.

    Just basic stuff but I wonder if these are being sent to everyone that sent a letter to the President during the campaign. Anyone else received the letter?


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  • sanju_dba
    11-12 01:39 PM

    This morning I saw a commercial (California Group Blames Immigrants for Climate Change) ( the local Bay Area channel and was simply surprised, I mean out of words surprised.

    I cannot believe how low these anti-immigrant groups can and will go to push their point, which obviously is nothing but full of BS, but it certainly adds fuel to the fire.

    fueling the fire, but they better make sure the fire drivesoff the right monsters , the illegals.

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  • sam2006
    09-21 03:03 PM
    i got a LUD on 140( 9/21) after 2 weeks of 485/EAD/AP RN ..

    all the RN from SRC...

    any one on the same boat


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  • kannan
    11-17 05:30 PM
    I-94 was attached.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    06-29 02:01 AM
    Can one do Day Trading being on H1?


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  • nshantha
    08-31 06:35 AM

    My new EB2 I - 140 got approved with my old NIW-I-140 priority Date March 29th 2006 which is current for India now.

    My I-485 (EB3) is pending throgh my spouse and I am the secondary applicant

    Can I file another I-485 with my new I-140 (EB2) ?
    Is there any way we can link my existing I-485 with my new I-140 (EB2)

    Appreciate your suggestions.

    My attorny is consfused with this situation and trying get mor information.


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  • ksvreg
    07-01 11:55 PM
    Is it possible to ship the two I-485 pakcages to INS?

    My labor and 140 already approved. My law firm preparing I-485 to submit through same day service.

    In case if they are not able to do it within the time, I want to submit I-485 on Monday through same day service without telling to the law firm.

    This causes duplicate submission. Can I or law firm subsequently with draw one of the I-485 later?

    Please advise. Urgent. Appreciate your help.


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  • goel_ar
    08-08 08:38 AM
    I have exactly similar statistics as below case except I-140 filing date = May 10, 2008.

    Can I expect something soon, if there is no RFE? Mine is at TSC too.

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  • sundarpn
    01-19 12:27 PM
    from other posts, I have seen 10 working days wait times.

    Pl. keep your post updated for the benefit of others.

    Also contact your attoneys and ask them to find ways to check if your petition is present in PIMS. My attorney says there is no way he can. I also called DOS & KCC, they are not helping either.



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  • senk1s
    10-26 03:04 PM
    there was a thread in the travel options forum
    where someone has obtained AP on priority - by repaying the fees

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  • martinvisalaw
    10-15 03:56 PM
    The safest route is to have both the H-1B and the EAD, if the employer agrees to pay for all. If you just have an EAD and the 485 is denied for some reason, you have no work authorization. If you have the H-1B also, then you can continue to work on that.

    The filing fees for a H-1B extension depend on how many extensions have been filed already. Assuming it is not the very first H-1B, then the filing fee is $320, and $1500 if it is the first extension.

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  • burnt
    06-16 05:13 PM
    I just changed my job from a consulting position to a full time position.

    Got my H1B transferred and I will be filing AC21 in a few weeks from now. I don't have my I-140 approval with me. My company lawyer says there is no issue, and I am all set

    01-12 09:59 PM
    I would suggest you to switch to EAD. There is no reason for you stick to H1-B anymore.

    07-23 02:59 PM
    No problem

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