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  • monicasgupta
    05-22 09:10 AM
    I have soft LUDs since last 4 consecutive dates i.e, 05/18, 05/19, 05/20, 05/21.

    PD(EB2) - June 2006
    I-140 - Approved Nov 2008
    I-485(FD) - 01/08/2007

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  • amitga
    02-27 03:31 PM
    Linky not worky

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  • rock945
    06-21 08:18 PM
    I got LC and 140 approved in EB3. Now I refile my labor Cert in EB2 (IT manager) via PERM. Anybody has the same experience and know approximately processing time for this PERM to be approved. Thanks for any information.
    do you know if you can retain your PD from your eb3 application for your new application..

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  • acharaniya
    02-25 05:12 PM

    A friend of mine who's in India right now has been offered a job by two different employers here in the US. Both of those employers want to file for her H1B.
    From her perspective it makes sense to let both the employers apply for her H1 coz that increases her chances of getting at least one approved. However, reading a bunch of FAQs online it seems that it'd be illegal for her to let both the employers apply for her H1B.
    Is that correct? Does anyone have any insights?



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  • parad0xl0g
    04-25 11:08 PM
    What a special stamps group!!! :thumb: My favorites are the second and the third stamps because have a non-conventional environment or something. Good

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  • reddymjm
    05-12 09:33 AM
    AAA also offers..


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  • dionysus
    01-16 11:59 PM
    Does your RFE for paystubs have any time-bound constraint on it? Meaning, do you have to respond within certain period of time, or can you take indefinite time in responding.

    The reason I am asking is because there can be different solutions for these two different scenarios.

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  • eastindia
    03-04 01:00 PM
    What is donor forum. How to access that?

    Click on donate button and sign up for monthly recurring contributions. You will know lot of information about IV activities.


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  • txh1b
    08-14 11:46 AM
    If you are in an apartment complex that offers cash bonus for referrals, ask the manager to apply it towards the rent and not give you a bonus. That way, it is not counted as income but a reduction in rent for the next month and avoids all taxation issues crap.

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  • sanjose16
    02-26 12:56 PM

    Is there a Risk?

    I'm working in Company 'A'. My company is filing for H1 extension for me along with my wife's H4 Extension in the month of April (before that it is not possible it seems - according to lawyer or Imm. dept of company 'A')

    Company 'B' is filing H1 visa for my wife on April 1st.

    So my question is: Is there a RISK to file 2 separate petitions (H4 Extension and H1) in the same time frame?

    If yes, what's the option?

    If no, should I say to my employer or lawyer (Company 'A') to not to file H4 extension for my wife because of the overlap of time frames?


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  • ohguy
    02-13 05:59 PM
    Thanks all! I like this site...didn't know about this earlier.

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  • ZeroComplexity
    03-13 02:08 PM
    wow didn't know USCIS had the time or the resources to entertain calls about LUDs ..


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  • aries
    08-29 05:35 PM
    any thoughts guys....

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  • waiting for GC2010
    11-18 12:01 PM
    is it? I am not aware of this.Anyways thankyou fide_champ.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-24 04:30 PM

    Yesterday I went to a training for immigration attorneys in Sacramento, California. The jurisdiction of the USCIS field office in Sacramento ( includes the cities of Vallejo and Benicia so I thought it might be useful to hear about any new local procedures. While I did not learn anything new about what is happening at Sacramento USCIS, I did learn about new procedures being applied to applicants applying for visas abroad.

    It seems that applicants who have tattoos are being screened more carefully at their medical appointments. The belief is that an individual with a tatoo may be involved in gang activity which furthermore may lead to that individual engaging in substance abuse. In a published article included in conference materials at the American Immigration Lawyers Association�s (�AILA (�) annual conference, immigration lawyers Fernando Rojas and Magda Montiel Davis, explain what is happening:

    Panel physicians are asking applicants about the meaning of their tattoos and the medical personnel conducting the exam will take notes describing the tattoo. This interrogation could lead to further questions about the applicant�s possible gang affiliation and criminal history. Applicants with tattoos are also being questioned by the panel physician regarding their substance abuse history. Apparently, panel physicians are making the assumption that applicants with tattoos are more likely to do or abuse drugs. If the beneficiary admits to any drug use, Consulates will use this information against the applicant in order to deny the visa by making a substance abuse finding against them.A finding of substance abuse is serious because an applicant who is a drug user or abuser may be denied admission to the United States pursuant to Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212(a)(1)(A)(iv) ( ba3). I would counsel anyone carefully who has a tattoo to be very honest about what the tattoo means. An applicant should be prepared to answer in- depth questions about something that may have been inconsequential to them. In my opinion, it would not be a bad idea to have the tattoo removed if possible. Of course the fact that a person has a tattoo does not mean that he or she is a substance abuser. It is scary that examiners are making that assumption, but I do not expect this scrutiny to go away. The best practice is to be aware that this questioning is taking place and to be prepared.

    More... (

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  • srikondoji
    04-11 04:58 PM
    18000 change as of yesterday (April 10).


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  • ttdam
    10-18 01:19 AM

    I m starting a new thread for people whose 485 packets sent to VSC for receipting and returned back to TSC for 485 adjudication

    PD 10/04
    RD 08/03
    ND 10/12

    I-140 filed @ TSC, I-485 sent to TSC. Checks cashed from VSC and I-485 returned back to TSC

    I-765, I-131, FP are pending.

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  • chacha
    03-21 11:21 AM
    Hi - i am converting my L1 to F1 which will cover me for 2.5 years. In the field i am working in, there is a high probability i will be able to find work before the degree is finished. Is it usual for big employers to already have H1 visas to sponser you on, or do they have to start from scratch. Im really trying to find out how easy it would be for a prospective employer to hire me after. (yes i am aware that one is supposed to return back to their country of origin)

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  • crazyghoda
    06-16 04:20 PM
    After all the L1 bashing that happenned in one of the other threads, I doubt if any L1 is going to divulge his/her status.

    08-19 12:47 PM
    Will I be able to switch to company C, even if company B revokes my 3 year-H1B extension ?


    Yes, provided you apply for the tarsnfer while you are still maintaining H1b status. Your basis of 3 year extension is the I140 approval and PD not being current. It isn't that company B got a 3 year extension.

    11-01 01:57 PM
    Certainly not all hospitals and universities must most do fall in the non-profit category.

    Check with the HR of that org. to confirm.

    yes of course
    All US universities and Hospitals are non-cap
    the pay is less but jobs is more stable and the university will file the visa paperwork(no lawyers fees)

    changing to cap-subject requires a regular oct-dependent h1b visa again

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