Saturday, July 2, 2011

Caravaggio Call Of Matthew

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  • GCBy3000
    06-22 10:46 AM
    We will sit idle and they will sit idle till the PD moves. Once the PD moves, they MIGHT get some 485 applications to process. Since the PD is retrogressed four to five years last year, most of the people with PD till the end of 2003 have already filed 485. The movement of PD until 2003 end will add some 485 to USCIS.

    The real fun to watch is when the PD moves beyond Jan'04. The service center will be flooded with 485 applicaitons and the flood will keep on increasing as the dates move. Lots of permutations and combinations are invloved in this scenario.

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  • lonedesi
    07-27 08:19 AM
    I happened to read the following on a different thread on IV

    "for cases that has to be filed by overnight courier that is by the USPS Express Mail the center will only pick up mails from the U.S Postal Service once a day and in the morning. Therefore any mail that is not picked up in the morning will be picked only the following day and is given a next day receipt date."

    Does it mean that any packages that were sent out yesterday(Thursday) will be delivered today(Friday), but USCIS will only pick it up on Monday morning and then assign Monday as the receipt date? Anyone with some knowledge on this, please clarify.

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  • SGP
    12-06 11:29 AM
    My employer sent the documents for my H1b extension today to USCIS and they applied it through premium process, can anyone please let me know how many days it will take to get the Receipt notice both in Email and hardcopy?

    My H1b expires on Dec 15th 2010 and if I wont get my receipt notice by than can I stay in US legally or should I have to leave US?

    Please let me know your suggestion.

    H1b extension Receipt Notice issue time in PP

    You will get the acknowledgment within 3 to 4 days of receipt.
    If you do not get receipt, then you are out of status and will have to leave the country. But don't worry you will have the receipt before Dec 15. BTW which center did you apply to?

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  • jonty_11
    05-13 05:16 PM

    My wife was pregnant when we did the July 2007 485 filing and now is being asked for the TB Test. It says X ray is mandatory on the letter from USCIS. The Immi DOctor said its really not and really depends on the skin test - so he will write and take care of that in the letter.

    Next thing is that I am not with the same employer who I was with when I filed 485 in July 2007. Thus dont have an attorney any more. Do I need to send the response with a G28 form with no Attorney representation from now on OR do I just reply with no G28 form to indicate I no longer have Legal representation?

    Whats the right way of handling this?


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-25 07:47 PM
    Once a I140 is filed without the I485 one has to wait for I140 approval before being eigible for filing I485

    Can you post any supporting documentation for this?


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  • lvinaykumar
    04-11 05:25 PM
    if that is true. then some ppl i know are in trouble. Where did you find this information....


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  • bestia
    02-14 05:01 PM
    My CPA is in Orange County (LA area). I'm pretty happy with him. I can provide his contact info if anybody will PM me.

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  • boreal
    08-18 03:52 PM
    Thanks for the suggestion but We need people who are stuck in retrogression. Professionals who have a story to tell. They should be IV members too.

    Yep, these associations have alumni on their mailing list too and thats how we can reach ppl stuck with retrogression. I know coz that association at my school, MSU maintains such a list too...


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  • cbpds
    09-01 07:34 PM
    what are u acheiving out of this poll???? get back to work !!

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  • indianabacklog
    04-02 01:06 PM
    Simple answer is there is no such thing as a temprorary EAD. There used to be but they were eliminated some years ago.

    You will just have to wait and hope. If however, the processing time exceeds 90 days you can take an infopass appointment and the local office will contact the service center to get things rolling.


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  • subba
    05-01 07:59 AM
    Illegal immigrants rallying today. Hopefully this will be a positive push for CIR (as opposed to the perceived negative it was last year).

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  • kzinjuwadia
    05-13 11:53 PM
    It does. MS = BS + 5yrs experience per the general guideline principles followed by CIS/companies. My EB2 was applied when I had around 1yrs exp after MS. Imp thing is that the job for which your LC is being filed should have EB2 requirement. Make sure of that. Otherwise, even if a PhD candidate is employed for a layman job, it's doesn't warrant EB1. the driving factor is the job's requirement.


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  • sandeeps92049
    08-07 12:44 AM

    I have H1 that is valid till 2011 but when I entered using H1 ( I had EAD and AP also), the visa officer gave i-94 only till Jun 3rd 2009. I did not notice this error at that time. I realized this when my attorney pointed out this while applying for my new AP. The attorney suggested that I should go out of the country and re enter on EAD/AP and start working on EAD. What are my options ?

    1) My EAD is valid till 2010
    2) My current H1 is valid till 2011
    3) My current AP is Valid till August 28 2009
    4) My I-94 expired on June 3rd 2009.
    5) My H1 visa stamp expired on May 2009

    Should I go to Canada or Mexico and re-enter US with EAD/AP before my AP expires to start working on EAD and avoid any "out of status" issues ?

    Does Canada Mexico ask for valid VISA and I-94 to get a visitor visa ?
    Should I go to India(my home country) and re-enter US before my AP expires to keep my status ?

    Appreciate a quick response as my AP is about to expire.

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  • senocular
    10-27 08:42 PM
    Stop wasting your pixels!


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  • cr125rider
    04-24 05:40 PM
    I love them all too, the last one is my favorite though!

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  • go_guy123
    04-11 11:12 PM
    Can any one please guide me that how to file complaint to DOL against his body shopper?


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  • sanjay02
    07-16 03:37 PM
    It might be about your photos

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  • painting is by Caravaggio.

  • jambapamba
    07-22 09:53 AM
    I already applied 485 with one I40 Priority date.

    If I get my another labor approved with a old Priority date, can I amend my existing 485 with this new PD or should I be applying new 485 ?

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  • dealsnet
    05-11 03:29 PM
    If your company not informed USCIS and you are again working with the same company means you are not out of status, consider 1 month as unpaid vacation. No need to stamp your visa, if you have time in I-94. If you want to go to home country, better go after having atleast 3 /6 months of continuous pay stubs with you


    I have an urgent query. Please help.

    I was laid off from my company AA during last week of March-2010. I have not yet singed the lay off letter. And I was rehired by the same AA company on second week of May. I have valid I 94 for next 2 years. But my visa got expired. I was out of payroll for a month. I dont have last 2 payslips.

    I have joined the new client through the AA company few days before. My AA compay is asking me to go my Home country and get my Visa stamped and come back. Is there a way that I can continue the employment here without travalling to my Home country at this point ? Are any other better solutions / ways.

    Immediate response highly appreciated.


    06-22 11:49 AM
    should this be in color or B/W ?

    11-07 02:58 PM

    Do you think we should take our attorney along with us.


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