Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • fairboy
    01-04 09:34 AM
    In year 1999, AnnaLee Saxenian of Public Policy Institute of California did a study on immigrant engineers and scientists in Silicon Valley and the effect they had on California's economy. She contended that foreign-born engineers in Silicon Valley�s technology industry made a substantial and growing
    contribution to regional job and wealth creation.

    Here is the full report on that study:

    Today, a new study titled "Silicon Valley's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs", by researchers in the master of engineering management programme at the Pratt School of Engineering at the Duke University was released.

    The study covered 28,766 firms with annual sales of more than USD 1 million and 20 or more employees. The lead researcher Vivek Wadhwa, contends that "this study shows the tremendous contribution immigrants in general and Indians in particular are making to the US economy and global competitiveness. This is a win-win for America and for the immigrants that make it here."

    Here is the full report on the latest study:

    Both the above reports go towards re-inforcing our arguments. Core members may want to retain copies of these reports some place. Salient points of these two reports should be used in some of the presentation material we prepare.

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  • cse9423
    10-13 10:35 PM
    I have applied AP for my family 3 weeks before. My wife needs to go India by end of next month. If AP approval doesn't come to our hand by next month, can she leave the country? If she shouldn't, what are the alternate options? I appreciate your help.

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  • finimits
    04-24 09:09 PM

    I would appreciate any help on the below matter. Thanks in advance!

    My information:
    Priority Data: March 2008
    I-140 approved
    About to apply for 3 year extension of H1B after 6th year( which expires on Dec 1st 2011)

    My Questions
    If I move to another company as soon as my 3 year H1B extension comes through and they start my GC process again, what do I have to be careful about regarding
    1. Is this even possible?
    2. Will the H1B keep getting extended after I switch employers.
    3. Can I keep my PD?
    4. If the new company is in a slightly different field but my job remains similar, does that matter?
    5. What happens if after I transfer, my current employer revokes my i-140? Does that matter since my new employer will restart my GC process anyway? (Also, do i get to keep my PD in this case?)

    Thank you very much!

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  • shreekhand
    06-24 05:08 PM
    It depends on which USCIS district you are applying from... but all in all these days between 3-6 months from applying to taking oath. Times for military personnel might vary.

    Your country of birth/current citizenship has no bearing on times (unlike for Green Card)

    Go here and check the service center closest for N-400 timelines:;jsessionid=bac585

    Note: These timelines do no include time for taking oath.

    Hi folks
    Hi Folks
    Assuming & God Willing I get my GC then , how long does it take to get US Citizenship. Does it matter which state you are working in and the Queues , State Wide Differ OR its the same slab.
    Can someone point me to the webpage on USCIS that tells you how long the Q is . Does it matter , what your prev. nationality before GC was like to Priority Date my country or no relation.
    HOW can I get US Citizenship Fastest ? AND HOW LONG, friends, does it take to get your family here as a dependent of a US Citizen


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  • Becks
    03-29 05:30 PM
    They would have verified PIMS while giving your wife the H4. But they will again verify with PIMS as one of the steps to issue the H1 visa. I dont think they will bypass it.

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  • dent04
    02-23 11:42 PM
    Hi there ,
    I will appreciate if any nurse/perosn who has knowledge about nursing profession answer my question.
    What is the process for licensure to be a nurse in USA-for a person who has done GNM or BSC nursing in India.
    Does it make a difference if one has done a GNM or BSc nursing from India, any advantage of one over the other?



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  • sidbee
    04-23 11:55 AM
    I have my PD as Nov 2007 on EB3 , and i dont know how much patient i would be for my GC.
    Can somebody guide me with the PR process for Canada,

    I am Computer Engineer with H1, and i need the requirements for Canada PR,
    eg , Do i need TOEFL or IELTS ? Do i need a Job Offer there? My Dads cousin brother is in Toronto, Do i get ant benefits (as it would be tough to prove the relationship)

    Any help would be appreciated..

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  • Dipika
    03-26 05:06 PM
    i'm in same situation. Lawyer said filing I-130 is not considered as another GC application. it's just petition and doesn't affect EB processing. even we don't need to mention it in EB I-485. both are seperate things.
    EB3 is very slow so batter you file I-130.
    i filed I-130 in May 2006 and EB2 i-485 in Dec 2004. still waiting :(


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  • pasa0202
    03-28 09:15 PM
    Its true... I am also in the same situation. My perm applied in Jan 2010 and H1B getting expired in Apr 2010, my company planning sending me to India to work from there. My attorney told me that once perm get approved then they can apply for I 140 even I am out of the country.
    And then apply H1 B ext. and can come back to US. Let see how it works.

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  • sandeep219
    03-27 04:37 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question related to my H1b. I used to work for employer A till Feb 2, 2007(Friday) and then moved on to employer B. I started on a project for employer B on Feb 12, 2007(Next Monday). At that time it was decided that my start date for Employer B would be Feb 5, 2007 to maintain the continuity in the job experience, although the project start date was Feb 12.

    Now I have moved on from Employer B to C and employer B is saying that they can provide an experience letter showing start date as Feb 12th only because thats how they had it setup at that time.

    This effectively means that I had no job for a week Feb 5-10. I am sure that employer A didnt canceled my H1b so I dont think I was out of status, but can this "out of job" status affect my GC or any other immigration related processing in future?

    As you would notice, this is my first post so please excuse me if a similiar question was asked earlier. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.



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  • raysaikat
    08-14 10:51 AM

    I received a 500$ check for apartment referral , I am planning to give the entire amount to the person who took the apartment. I was wondering if during the tax return filing I should be reporting this as an income and if yes should I be deducting the tax amount from the 500$ as I will be paying taxes on it.

    Any information is appreciated.


    It is a taxable income (you got a commission for a service). However such a small change in your total household income should change your tax liability very little, and usually people would not bother to withold tax before passing it on. Also if you pass it on, that will probably fall under "gift" and will have different tax codes. For a small amount, such hassles may not be worth. Of course if you get such commissions regularly, or if it a sizable part of your total income, then you need proper calculations.

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  • gcsucks
    05-02 06:10 AM
    I have a PR Card in canada since June'04. I have been here in the US for 8 years now. But because of retrogression stuff im not able to file I485.

    Is anyone in a similiar situation or does anyone know how i can retain my PR card or will i lose it if i dont go back to canada in the next 1 year( as per rule of staying in canada for 2 years in every 5 years)

    Please help


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  • xtronics
    03-19 10:33 AM
    It is still pending. Already 7 weeks. Any input guys?
    Thank you

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  • Andy Somnifac
    January 30th, 2004, 03:24 PM
    After the stab at Sony that Canon made in the press release stating they were releasing ~ 20 cameras this year, you don't think they'd let Sony get that far ahead, do you? :p

    In my opinion, one of the more intriguing product announcements from Nikon today was the Coolpix 8700. If it improves significantly from the Sony, that could be a killer product. Right now, Canon is lacking a bit in the true consumer DSLR market. But then again, PMA is right around the corner. Click here ( for the 8700 infp.


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  • chapsi29
    07-31 04:50 PM
    Hello all,

    I am currently on H1B visa working for an IT company. I have got an admit for this Fall to do my MS and I was planning to study using my EAD. Now there seems to be some risk in using my EAD and so I want to apply for F1. I have applied for I-485 (Adjustment of status) along with my husband's green card application.

    My question is:

    1: Is it a problem to apply for F1 if my I-485 is pending approval ? The reason I ask is, F1 is a Non Immigrant visa and I-485 is for a green card (which is Immigrant visa).

    2: Would my F1 application cause my 485 to be denied or vice versa ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • AirWaterandGC
    06-07 09:49 AM
    so for employment based Gc, folks whose priority date is may 15, 2007 or later are in trouble OR folks whose I-140 is not filed before may 15, 2007 are in trouble ? Also what happens to someone who changes job, filed GC again has priority date/I-140 of a date earlier to may 15,2007

    this is related to family sponsored by citizens and green card holders.


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  • rkm
    02-16 12:20 PM
    If your Dads age more then 60 then D157 not required

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  • gparr
    November 28th, 2004, 09:05 AM
    Thanks to all and welcome to dphoto Jamie

    Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news?

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  • sidbee
    03-11 11:04 AM

    Please read this. if USCIS takes this seriously then we can expect some movement in coming visa Bulletins

    Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC (

    U think USCIS doesn't know this ??? Creating this thread ,with the given title is just a waste of everyone's time,

    12-11 09:48 AM
    I have an appointment for H1B visa stamp @ the toronto consulate next week. This will be my second stamp (first one expired early this year).

    I received a phone call from the consulate asking for my H1B receipt/notice dates and receipt number, etc...She told me that there is new rule where USCIS has to verify the I-797 petition even though you carry an original approval notice. With this rule in effect...she told me the passport wait time is miminum of 4 days.

    I already booked my tickets 2 weeks ago. I'm confused. Has anyone else received a call or have recently obtain H1B stamp in toronto?

    I was hoping to come back in few days and now it's going to cost me $$$$$. I wish NVARS told me this when I signed up for the appointment.


    This is the new rule and went into effect from last week of Nov. It is not only for the Consulate in Toronto but all US Consular posts in Canada atleast.

    09-15 04:23 PM
    My husband thinks if he loses his job he would get unemployment and medicaid benefits if we are permanent residents.
    Now his job is fine, his insurance is going on good.
    But the question is when he loses his job.
    Thats why he is worried.

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