Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • jsb
    11-02 11:17 AM
    Dear Friends,

    Can I quite my current job in the US and go back to india for 6 months come back on AP and find similar job ? is this possible ? how long can I stay in india
    before my I-485 status "runs out" ?

    My PD is June 2005/EB2. I am a July 2 filer. I have received I-485 receipt,EAD and AP.

    If your current employer is your GC sponsor, won't he withdraw its I-140 if you quit? As I-140 is for future job, if you and him continue to have intent of making employee/employer relationship as per filed I-140, you can do whatever you want in the meantime, but you would need to work for him on getting your GC. Or you can wait and hope that I-140 is not approved within 180 days. In that case you can move to the new employer. Employment with sponsoring employer prior to GC approval, paystubs, etc. are only for establishaing and restrengthening expressed intent.

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  • kvranand
    01-17 12:58 PM
    I think this is due to bi-specilization program USCIS started lately. H1's are processed at CSC & VSC just like I-140's processed at TSC & NSC.

    So your application would have gone to VSC when they share the applications for processing, though you belong to CSC.

    I believe my resoning is correct!

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  • ImmiUser
    12-01 04:58 PM
    so does it means I can have only one GC (I485) processing at a time ? I can't have two GC(I-485) processing in parallel , one dependent I-485 which was filed through my husband's and another one filed under my own GC processing ? Actually, as I already have I-485 filed under EB3 and was planning to file another one under EB2 and though I will take the one whichever gets approved first. Also, this way there will be a backup plan as well. But seems like that is not feasible..huh (

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  • Adam
    04-30 04:27 PM
    Very nice :) That "alone" one is sweet :thumb:


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  • ragz4u
    05-09 09:46 AM
    And we might be in the final edited version (very good chance) for a few minutes

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  • nashorn
    12-12 04:22 AM
    The basic fact is that people come here to save money, otherwise they'll hire an attoney for their immigration need. So it is bond to be hard to ask money from them.

    But I think they'll be glad to do so if they were asked to click 10 times on an ads everytime they visit this site. Will this make money?

    Another thought, maybe IV can make something for sale on this site. It's always easier when there is some sort of medium, cookies, fund-raising diner, fund-raising concert, etc. Just simply asking for money seems not work that well.

    Just some thoughts, you guys have good judgement.

    When can I become a senior member?


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  • mr_aryan
    10-19 01:42 PM

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  • pani_6
    09-15 08:11 PM
    I was working on H1B from Sep 2002 till Jan 2006 and then converted to H4 based on my husband's H1B. No green card was started for my H1B. My husbnad's GC is in progress, but not even the labor is cleared as of now. I have been in the US on H visa (either H4 or H1B) starting from April 27'2002. Hence when my H1B (the second extension after 3 yrs) came back in 2005, it had an expiration date of April 26 2008 (allotting 6 yrs of H visa).

    I would like to apply for jobs next year, but I understand the earliest I can start is Oct 2007, if I get an H1B sponsorship. In this event, what happens after April 2008, do I have to leave the country, or is it possible that the company that hires me starts a GC process for me in October 2007, but still my labor wouldnt have been pending for at least 1 yr, to get me an extension.

    My husband is in his 8th year of H1B and I have a H4 based on that. Pl let me know how my H1B clock would work. I greatly appreciate your time


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  • sab
    11-01 06:36 PM
    Isnt the three year extension valid only if you cannot file your I-485 because of retrogression? Once you file your 485, you get only a year?

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  • haroontabrez
    04-09 02:49 PM
    Mine too is LC substitution case.
    EB3-India-NSC-140- PD:April, 2004 - ND: 05/08/2007
    Last LUD: 05/21/2007

    Mine is a labor substitution filing and 140 is filed in TSC in April-2007. This case is transferred from TSC to NSC in Nov-2007. There are no LUDs after that. I have seen similar cases transferrred in November. Did anyone receive an approval/LUD in such cases ?


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  • belmontboy
    04-12 02:54 AM
    Hi all, I need help in explaining my situation if someone can help me . Here is my info that I know
    EB3 ROW
    PD : April 6, 2006 (PERM)
    July Filer.
    i140 and i485 July 2007 (Received by USCIS Texas Center September 10, 2007)
    AP and EAD received September 2007

    I want to understand the process so I can know the meaning of the Visa bulletin based on my situation.
    I am guessing that right now I will have to wait for my i140 to be approved first before I can talk about i485. I checked the processing time for i140 at TSC and it is August 15, 2007. Any crazy estimate when I should get the approval?

    Once my i140 is approved then I can look and match my PD with the visa bulletin EB3 ROW for adjustment of status.

    I know there would be some more steps than these above. But are these statement above correct/incorrect?

    Thank you very much

    you can check the status of ur I-140 on uscis by providing ur receipt #

    you would get more information on processing steps by going through the posts in this forum.

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  • Jaime
    09-12 02:36 PM
    We need every Chinese friend to attend the DC rally!!! Let's go guys!!! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE AND OBTAIN OUR HARD-EARNED AND LONG AWAITED GREEN CARDS!!!


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  • mayhemt
    04-28 04:26 PM
    Santa Claus?
    Tooth Fairy?
    Are they next too? (NVM, Santa Claus is undocumented in the first place anyway - crosses border every year, brings in unauthorized livestock and does unauthorized work including breaking and entering homes) :D

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  • baburob2
    09-29 07:53 PM
    no you don't have to worry. however when you travel and come back in, it is needed. i believe it might be needed when you try to apply for a visa(extension/change of status etc) in US.


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  • hopefulgc
    09-22 11:06 AM
    you forgot one...
    start a campaign to have USCIS count the time you spent waiting for GC to be counted towards the meaningless 5 yrs wait

    After 4.5 years, you can file for Naturalization. You may want to keep a tab on which companies you worked for, period, pay etc starting from the day you entered in USA, keep copies of all previous W2 in safe place. Also, prepare a spreadsheet of when you were out of the country starting from the day you entered here. All the above will be required while filling up forms for naturalization.

    Visit other forums/threads to see what is required and prepare for it. you have long time to go though.
    Good luck.


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  • vghc
    07-20 05:14 PM
    Planning to go to UK on AP this september....anybody has experience with this?
    Whats UK immigrations take on an AP traveller?
    I am a Malaysian National and going to visit friends and my Uni professors there.


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  • GC_ASP
    02-12 11:00 AM
    Go to , you can get quotes from some of the good insurance companies. You can apply for insurance without any pay obligation upfront. These prices are affordable. A small tip is that its better to shop individual plan than family plans as the family plans are expensive. Also the insurance is expensive for women compared to men. I would suggest you to go for smaller deductibles and no co-insurance. You could get a good insurance for 150 dollars per month. Let me know if you need more info on this.

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  • solaris27
    09-04 06:55 AM
    yes you can join company once you get your green card .

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  • ashrock11
    06-14 12:12 AM

    Situation- PD Current and eligible to file 485

    Married but seperated. What should that person mention in the form?

    If he mentions his wife's name on the form, would she get GC as well?

    Does he need to submit any docs for his wife? Currently planning to file for himself only.

    Please advise


    04-17 07:13 PM

    I am here on a H1B visa and my wife is on a H4 Visa. She has recently been admitted to a masters program and would start going to school soon.

    1. We want to get a F1 visa for her, so that she can get paid for some work in the campus. Would it be possible to get the F1 visa in Canada. Does anyone have any recent experience on getting this done ?
    2. Say we not apply for a visa but only apply for a change of status and do not even go to India or anywhere else before the completion of her program. After that she would go on an OPT. If we go to India then, would it not be a problem in getting a F-1 visa, as her education would already be complete. Does it mean that she should get her visa stamped before she completes her education.


    Hi Gaurav-

    I do not recommend getting a stamp from canada. Sometimes the Consular officer there can not ascertain her past academic record and her F1 may get rejected. I think you should file I539 to change status. That is safest. If, by chance, I539 is rejected, she can apply for F1 at US consulate in India.

    I would advise that you guys travel to India one semester before she completes her studies. One of my wife's friend did that and her F1 was approved despite changing status in US from H4 to F1.

    My wife is also in same situation and has F1 status after changing it from H4. She will be graduating this summer but we may travel to India as not travelling will mean she is away from her family for too long.

    Mr. Brown
    12-10 03:37 PM
    Does anyone know what 202(a)(5) is and why doesn't it apply to EB3?



    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

    Employment Second:
    China: July through October 2005
    India: February through early March 2005

    If Section 202(a)(5)were to apply:
    China and India: October through December 2005

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: April through August 2005
    China: June through September 2003
    India: January through February 2002
    Mexico: January through June 2004
    Philippines: April through August 2005

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