Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Prancer
    04-08 07:27 PM
    Ok, I made another one :thumb:
    In edit above.

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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 24th, 2003, 11:19 PM
    Black and white does look more "timeless"

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  • milind70
    07-27 11:19 AM
    Since Company A is for future Emp and I never worked for it. Can I still use AC21 and join Company B. Thanks once again
    Yes you can but the on the job they mentioned in thier LC

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  • prioritydate
    08-14 08:09 PM
    I was just wondering if they stall the 485 processing once they issue an RFE on EAD. Would they hold the case in abeyance or are these two mutually exclusive.
    Btw, am not sure of the reason for RFE yet.

    Has anyone had their 485 approved with an RFE pending on EAD or AP?

    PD: June 2004
    I140 Approved: Aug 2006
    485 RD: July 26, 2007
    RFE on EAD: Aug 6, 2008

    What's RFE about?


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  • smarth
    05-04 12:45 PM
    I am working in company 'A' on H1B, Green card is processing from company 'B' as future employee. Got EAD.

    The job is getting over from Company 'A'.
    Can I use my EAD and can stay in US with out working to any company?
    Will there be any issues if TAX is not paid when I am not working.
    If i work part time then on do I need to work for company 'B' only?


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  • eb3retro
    03-01 01:44 PM
    I applied for H1b visa transferred in Nov 08 inspite of not having recent pay stubs. After applying transfer, I started working for new employer.
    Last week I got query from USCIS asking my latest pay stubs (Oct 08) and yesterday I got Laid off from my new job after working for 4 months (till Feb 09).

    My husband is on L1B visa.
    In my case
    1. Shall I consider transferring to L2? for this do I need to go to my home country (India) for L2 stamp?
    2. If COS to L2 is approved, Can I work on my old H1B again if I find an employer who is ready for transfer?
    3. If I travel to my home country(India), will my H1B visa be cancelled? as currently i don't have any H1B approval.
    4. Whether the Request For Evidence(REF) on my H1B transfer will have any implication on L2 stamping?

    Please help ..
    Regards ...

    how abt updating your profile first.


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  • Lok_sumi
    03-18 03:51 PM
    My H1B visa stamping has expired and I have valid AP. Can I travel. I have also changed job using AC21. Please advice.

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  • go_guy123
    12-22 01:10 PM
    could this be true?

    GOP version means more enforcements for "undocumented" immigrants.


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  • natika
    04-30 09:44 AM
    Thank you clif and sanju_eb3 for the response.

    I'll talk to lawyers of the new company (once I find it).

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  • cmphr
    05-20 01:06 PM

    I am in a similar situation where Company B just filed for my extension based on approved I-140 from Company A. I have a 3 year extension thru Company A based on an approved I-140 petition from them. I hope my employer will not withdraw my I-140. FYI, I have not filed my I-485.

    Now, what is the way out of your situation here? Can someone reply?


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  • royus77
    06-24 01:57 AM
    We dont have the physical copy yet. can we file 140 and 485 without it?

    You need a copy of approved LC. However last time i remember they are fine with the "Confimation from the webpage also " Not 100% sure ..

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  • wandmaker
    11-16 01:05 AM
    I understand the 180 days rule after filing 485. what if the eb3(140 approved) based 485 has been pending for 180 days, and a newly approved eb2 140 has just been ported to the pending 485.

    Yes, 180 days rules applies to your 485 receipt date on your receipt notice.

    Is there a rule that the 180 days started over again after porting, since it's a new 140, which implys the applicant intends to work for the 140 position for a period of time.

    There is no rule that makes the "180 days" clock to restart.

    What are the risks if the applicant changes the job right after eb2 140 gets approved, and changed the underlining 140 of the pending 485 from eb3 to the newly approved eb2.

    There are no risks as long as your eb2 140 is approved, you have crossed 180 days count. Additionally, AFTER you have received a confirmation from USCIS that your eb3 to eb2 porting is successful and the new approved 140 is the underlying petition to support your 485


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  • morchu
    05-03 08:51 PM
    1. You dont need to extend I94. The pending 485 petition keeps you in legal status. You can keep working based on EAD.
    2. Yes you maybe able to switch back to H1B. But NO, you may not get 2 years (the clock doesn't stop).

    1)My I 94 expires in 2 months.I don't want to extend H1 and I want to use EAD.So how can I extend my I94 if I start using EAD?

    2)I finished 4yrs of stay on H1B. If I don't extend H1B now and start using EAD, if by any reason my 485 denies in future, can I switch back to my H1B and work for the remaining 2yrs on H1B?

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  • rb_248
    05-12 02:48 PM
    Thank you all for your responses.

    Actually I wanted to know if one doesn't go out of the country and stays back in the US, and remains unemployed for whatever reason for say 6 month or more- medical, personal etc or perhaps just take a break.

    As long as you have things to explain when you are up for naturalization. I know some who quit their jobs a few months after getting GC to go back to school.


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  • GotGC??
    02-28 03:39 PM
    It is not an issue for people of Indian origin who are returning, of planning to return, back to India for whatever reason. They are the lucky (?) ones to have either a Indian passport or PIO card or OCI card so they are eligible to work on that basis.

    But how about those who do not qualify for one of the above? There is an increasing number of foreigners working in India - how do they become eligible to work in India? Is there an equivalent of an H1B, or may be oneday GC & Citizenship?

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  • the_jaguar
    10-02 12:37 PM
    It's taking anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks on an average after the introduction of the new lockbox system. We received our receipts in 29 days, so I don't think you should panic yet :)


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  • malet
    06-02 10:33 AM
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Please don't be tough on me.
    I received the folowing letter from NVC. The case is for my dad. He originally filed under F4, priority date 13Jul2000.

    What does it mean and what we should do?

    Many thanks.


    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Your inquiry has been received at the National Visa Center (NVC).

    A letter was previously mailed to the Agent of Choice or Attorney of
    Record requesting the amendment of previously submitted applicant forms
    and/or required applicant documents that have not been submitted. The
    documents listed on the letter and/or the amended forms must be
    submitted to the assigned US Embassy or Consulate General at the time of

    The applicant's name has been placed on the list of documentarily
    qualified cases awaiting the availability of visa numbers under the
    numerical limitations prescribed by statute. The designated
    representative of this case (applicant, petitioner, or attorney) will be
    notified of an appointment date as soon as the numbers have been
    received. The applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell
    property, or give up employment until the US Embassy or Consulate
    General has issued a visa.

    An immigrant visa is usually valid for six months from the date it is
    issued. It may be used to apply for admission into the United States any
    time during its validity.

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  • Krish797
    07-25 12:23 PM

    I got H1B visa approved and got I-797 last year for 3 years. Now, could you please advise me, what is the maximum time limit to get the H1B stamped in the passport from the date of issue of I-797.

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  • satyakb
    08-13 03:20 PM
    My experience at IAD was same as explained above (June/06/2010) . .

    I entered in AOS - EB3 - India.

    During secondary session, I was asked lot of questions regarding my existing employer / earlier employer, also there were questions which were related to my 2006 employer too and tax filings of 2006 year too.

    Overall with complete patience, managed to come into the country with approval after 4 hours.

    07-22 04:22 PM
    First of all, let me begin by congratulating the IV core team and other members on staging a dignified protest to the entire July VB fiasco!

    I have a question regarding the medical exam for the AOS. The civil surgeon I went to did not do a TB skin test and instead took an x-ray to verify no signs of TB. Has anyone else had the same experience, i.e. no skin test, x-ray only?

    The other strange thing he told me was that some of his patients send the x-ray as part of the 485 application. Has any1 else heard of anything like this?

    Last I checked, the USCIS did not employ medical personnel, but then what do I know?

    Any input from fellow IV members is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and good luck to all.

    This answers your question:


    02-27 06:31 PM
    Dear Faxer: Phone your Senator on Judiciary Comm to oppose his amnesty for 10 million illegal aliens
    This new Phone Call Request has been posted in your Action Buffet !
    You can find this Phone Call Request by proceeding to
    Your phone call to your U.S. Senator on the Judiciary Committee this week can help stop a massive illegal-alien amnesty

    Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has just introduced an immigration bill that would reward virtually all of the 10.2 million illegal aliens estimated to be in the United States as of January 1, 2004.

    Sen. Specter's immigration bill would reward these more than 10 million illegal aliens with exactly what they broke U.S. law to obtain: permission to work in the United States indefinitely. A significant number of the estimated 1.2 million illegal aliens who have entered the United States since Jan. 1, 2004, along with some of those who enter in the future, also would likely be able to obtain amnesty through fraud. (Experts have found that the fraud rate in the 1986 amnesty was as high as 70 percent.)

    Read a chart comparing Sen. Specter's immigration proposal with the House-passed H.R. 4437 by clicking here.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider Sen. Specter's immigration proposal on Thursday, March 2nd. Phone your Senator on the Judiciary Committee BEFORE Thursday. Ask them to oppose the Specter amnesty.

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