Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Ann Ruben
    02-01 09:25 PM
    As you probably realize, by transferring to another employer you will have to start the GC process all over--though you should be able to keep your May 2008 priority date.

    Based on the facts you have provided, I would say that it is unlikely your prospective employer's H-1 would be denied. However, there is never any guarantee. Premium processing usually takes 7-10 days if there is no RFE, but again, there can be no guarantee. (Note that USCIS must refund the $1000 fee if your case is not acted on (approval, denial, or RFE) within 15 days of receipt.)

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  • sivasankar_eppe
    08-23 02:34 PM
    Last year i filled AR-11 manually and mailed with 39 cents to USCIS . Even though My Approval papers went to old address and then went back to USCIS. Later on I called them and gave the new Address then only they sent again to New Address . I don't think USCIS will see our AR-11 forms .
    I don't know abt online AR-11 Form , it came recently .

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  • wandmaker
    04-01 10:01 PM
    Hello everyone,

    According to my immigration-lawyer, I have received a notice for interview. I filed under EB2 category and only my and my wife's I-485 is pending. I had friends who got their GC without the interview, but i got called of an interview, so I was wondering why i got called for an interview-any specific reasons that some of us get called for an interview?

    Another questions is; i read some blogs and almost all the people who were called for an interview seem to get a list of documents from the INS to take along for the interview. My attorney didnot mention anything about the list, so do all interview notices come with the document list or is it normal to not have one?

    Please any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    There has been a lengthy discussion on the same topic few months back, use IV search. BTW, please fill in your profile - no profile often leads no response.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-19 05:49 PM


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  • laksmi
    11-11 08:22 PM
    When the dates are current then only you can add your wife name to your pending 485, until then you have to wait based upon your priority dates EB1 or EB2, during this time you should maintain your H1B status inorder to keep you wife H4 status valid.

    presently EB2 ---- 01 JUN 03 and EB3 ----->01 OCT 01

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  • ajobha
    08-02 11:43 AM
    hi guyz,

    Please advise on this issue: I work for a engineering software company. Currently I work as a 'Technical Support Engineer', but my company has offered me a position of 'Sales Engineer'. I have already applied for my I-485, but have not received a notice yet. If I start working in the sales position, will this affect my GC application? Would the USCIS know about my change of duties, if my 'salary' and 'position title' remains the same? Please reply. Response will be highly appreciated!



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  • wandmaker
    07-10 11:59 PM

    I have received so many different responses regarding the shots required for over 65s. Our local health department, the INS Doctor and the INS all seem to be providing different information, I'm hoping someone can clarify.

    The civil surgeon provided us with a list of shots, basically it contained all the shots including those that I thought were just for children. We went to a public health nurse today who gave us TDP and Varicella shots. Are the MMR, flu and pneumococcal shots required by the INS?

    The INS approved Doctor wanted $600 per person for all of the shots. The exam and blood test were $120. We've decided to go to a private Doctor and the local health department for the shots instead of paying the $600. I'm hoping someone can clarify what is needed so that we avoid paying for shots that are not needed.


    To be honest, none of the immigrationvoice members are over 65 years or know someone who is processing the green card through employment based category. Try googling.... thats the best bet.

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  • xtronics
    03-19 11:01 AM
    Really appreciate your input. Thank you


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  • vishwak
    11-10 02:35 PM
    What exactly USCIS did??? which is making you to file Case???

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  • sunny1000
    11-26 07:16 PM
    I have a unique situation, my laywer sent I-485,EAD and AP together in July. I got the receipt for I-485 but still awaiting for the reciepts for EAD and AP. Please advise what could be done in this situation, its already been almost 5 months ?

    Please call USCIS or better yet, take an infopass appointment.


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  • sundar99
    05-01 03:56 PM

    4:00 ET
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    10:00 (ET) p.m. 7:00 (PT)
    p.m. Anderson Cooper 360� : No work, school or shopping. Immigrants are set to take part in protests nationwide. We're live on the border.

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  • fromnaija
    04-13 05:18 PM
    IF he transfers to a function that is significantly different than his approved labor certification he may have to restart his GC application by filing a new LC application. However, since GC is for future job and if his employer will agree for him to go back to his previous practice then he may continue with current GC process and change when 485 is approved.


    My friend works as an internal auditor within a big 4 acccounting firm. His practice is doing quite badly. As there are tons of different practices within this firm, he is thinking about transferring. But his PERM was filed for the internal audit manager position and his I-140 has alreday been approved. If he transfers to a function unrelated to internal audit within his firm (e.g. external audit, tax, fraud, etc.), would there be a problem?

    Can anyone here provide some guidance or point him to the right discussion thread?



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  • tnite
    10-04 04:28 PM
    Hi Tnite,

    Thank you for your reply.
    ...but only in Adjustment of status, what does it meaning?
    what it means is that once she uses her EAD , she is in AOS.Then she can work for her own company .

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  • codywang
    02-08 11:42 AM
    Hi all,

    My H1 was expired last year with 6 years terms so I used my EAD since last year. Can I go back to H1B still because my i-485 is still pending for renewal another 3 years term? Which law is winning, 6 years H1B if did not continue renew my H1 or I-485 pending so I can continue renew? I have found different attorney have different answer.
    Please also see this link.

    Cody Wang


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  • mhtanim
    09-10 03:01 PM
    My understanding is that once you I-485 gets approved, the H4 gets invalided. She needs an AP to return.

    I have read at many forums that at the POE, the officer may not be able to see if the H4 has been invalided or not and may allow her to get in with H4. But if that happens, I think she will be in big trouble . As you know, it's always our responsibility to maintain status and act accordingly. This is why most of the lawyers suggest to carry AP.

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-14 02:24 PM
    I guess we can use this thread to collect experiences from individuals who have already applied.


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  • GCHope2011
    06-25 08:10 AM
    If the cruise goes outside of US territorial waters, everyone on the ship needs to show eligibility to re-enter the US on return. This is true even if the ship does not make any port call in a non-US territory.

    In your case it looks like the ship even makes a stop at BC. Irrespective of whether the ship makes the stop or whether you get out of it or not, the fact that it goes out of US waters is what matters.

    So yes, you will have problems coming back if you go on this cruise.

    You can however fly to Alaska and come back (like a domestic flight) without any problems, as long as it is a non-stop flight from the US to Alaska (no stops in Canada).

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  • morchu
    05-07 03:21 PM
    Yes. The key is that the entity remains the same. And same EIN is a proof for that. One company can have multiple valid DBAs at the same period of time (just like name aliases).

    Still it is better to check with an attorney whether a "successor of interest" petition is needed, especially if the old DBA is invalidated.

    Hi, Thanks for replying. Just verifying - is the tax number the same as employer identification number (EIN)?

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  • GC20??
    07-30 02:44 PM
    I was successful in getting information for me and my wife in the same appointment twice. But to be safe I will book another appointment. If the IO had a bad day he/she may reject to give infomation on your wife's case :)
    "But to be safe I will book another appointment."

    what I mean here is book another appointment around same time as yours and when you are called goto the counter together. If IO rejects to provide info on your wife's case then you can use the other appointment.

    11-09 01:18 PM
    Pls someone can help me?

    01-07 02:33 PM
    For locations of deferred inspection offices, see here. ( Please call before visiting them to make sure of their hours. Good luck.

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