Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • number30
    04-16 02:17 PM
    I'm in the process about to use "AC21"
    Original employer filed I40 under "electrical engineer" :: SOC Code 17-2071 (approved)
    have EAD but never used.
    Inside the job description there are entitled strong software background - job duties included programming and software development also. As a requirement a 3year of Software Engineering experience was entitled also.

    Situation: Laid off, but received a job offer letter. BUT the position is "software engineer" job code is some 15-XXXX.
    Detailed job description/duties will be the same;

    Old employer/layer is not revoking anything, willing to help.

    Will this stand if they request an EVL or later on the road?
    According to my research they not strict about the job codes they more go by the job description and duties.
    I'm sure lots of folks are in the same situation, please advice.

    SOC Code need not to be included in the EVL. So as long as there is substantial match in the job description you should be fine

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  • gcformeornot
    08-10 10:20 PM
    HI All
    I am worried about my employer. Given the fact about I-485 apps and the last few days of labor in the previous month I have doubts about my employer. He is a very mean and hopeless desi employer and I am worried if he sold out my labor to some high bidder. is there any way i can find out if my labor is still infact in my name. any thoughts

    except to beg one of those guys who used LS. Ask them!
    Please I beg you, did you purchase my labor? Did your company offered it
    to keep you IN? Did your uncle/relative offered it to you...

    I feel for you.....

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  • pd_recapturing
    10-24 07:57 PM
    Absolutely, you can apply a fresh labor any time irrespective of your filing stage. Lots of people do that.

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  • gchopes
    11-15 10:58 AM
    The NC DMV is taking a really long time to validate my EAD. Its been over 60 days now since my license renewal based on EAD expiring October 2010. They keep sending me back with a temporary license valid for 15 days saying they are yet to validate and issue my perm license based on EAD.


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  • jthomas
    03-30 02:38 PM
    My I-485/I-140 were filed on Jul 2, 2008 (I-140 approved in 9/2007). I possess an EAD valid till Sep 2010 and AP valid till Aug 2009. I lost my job (H1B) in late January. I have a family emergency compelling me to travel to India for a week (starting Saturday next week 04/04/2009). Will there be any problem in terms of using my AP to re-enter the U.S? An early reply would be appreciated. Thank You very much in advance.

    P.S: I do not have a job yet.

    If you list your skillset maybe someone would be able to help you as soon as you return. By the way, most of the members knows a tons of rectruiters and websites.Maybe in the worst case you can tell that you are going to be interviewed by some firms


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  • la_guy
    06-27 06:43 PM
    From immigration-law
    The situation is particularly critical because of the USCIS decision not to accept the I-485 filings without the medical report. AILA demanded leniency but the USCIS reportely refused to accept such demand. Since medical report is "initial evidence" to I-485 filing, under the recent rule change, any I-485 filing with the medical report can be rejected or denied. Reports indicate that there are a huge backlog in scheduling medical examination in most of the areas in the country.

    Does anyone face backlogs in getting medical examination? Please reply. Just Want to check the authenticity of this news?


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  • rkotamurthy
    02-12 02:28 PM
    I organized a Conf Call for SoCal members last friday, but only Pappu (Admin/Moderator) turned-up. It was disappointing to see that few people care to participate. I did get couple of messages from folks who could not make it. I appreciate their response.

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  • Anders �stberg
    April 8th, 2004, 07:16 AM
    Cloning sometimes leaves weird patterns. I've had luck putting a loose selection around the cloned area with a big feathered edge, then applying a gaussian blur. It helps "clean up" my new background. The trick is to have a seemless blend between the cloned and the original untouched areas.

    That's a good tip, I'll try that.

    Something else I've done is to use several clone stamps with the opacity of the stamp set quite low. What this does is sort of blend in noise to soften up the edges of the clone patterns.


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  • neeidd
    08-31 06:15 PM

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  • Agul
    04-13 04:32 AM
    I would appreciate any and all advice that anyone can provide:

    My green card was sponsored by my husband, who has a GC. I was travelling out of the country on advance parole, when my passport got stolen, and I had to return to my original country to get a new passport issued, this took some months, during which, my advance parole to travel document expired. SO I could not enter the US. Then, a couple of weeks later, my green card approval, I485 was approved and a notice sent to me in the US. This was in June 2006. Since then, I have not received any other letter/notice, or the GC itself, and I am still stuck outside the US, without my husband. My lawyer is not doing naything about it, and I dont know what I can do?? I have tried contacting the 1800 number, and they say they put in service requests for me, but I have still not received any new information from that end as well, and each time, I have to wait 45 days before they can put in a new service request.


    Please advise, as it has been so long, and I am still stuck outside the US without my husband.

    Any and ALL advice is most welcome

    :confused: :(


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  • useriim
    07-04 09:40 AM
    I'm outside US with AP (expiring in about a month). My GC has been approved this June.
    My GC employer has run out of work. He is likely to get work later.
    My options are:
    a) Stay outside US and look for project. On getting confirmed work, enter US to join employer.
    b) Enter US, look for project. On getting confirmed work, join employer.

    Getting employed by GC sponsor employer with, either option could take few months.

    While entering US, I will NOT have EVL(employment letter), only AP & I485 Approval Notice.
    Which is safer option (a or b) for US entry ?
    What questions can be asked at POE ? What should I say if asked about employer ?
    Can GC be revoked at POE?

    Which is safer option (a or b) for GC renewal, citizenship ?


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  • jonty_11
    02-12 04:01 PM
    U probably are asking the wrong community...most of the people here are retrogressed...and cannot file we wudnt know...Ask your question at or


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  • rpat1968
    11-05 02:38 PM
    How long is it taking now a days to get AP approval. I am from TX and e-filed on 2nd Oct (ND 4th OCT 2010) and want to know when I can expect the approval.

    my spouse AP was approved last friday also from NSC and we recd the document just yesterday.

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  • Pasquale
    10-24 04:12 AM
    What is your rate?


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  • webm
    02-25 09:16 PM
    Can someone travel with AP with an expired passport? Thank you.

    You always need to have valid PP during travel (esp when travelling overseas,POE)....Not a expired one...

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  • golgappa
    11-17 02:38 PM
    Do you have FedEx (or any other service) mailing delivery receipt and what is the date on that.


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  • jonty_11
    05-14 11:08 AM
    Guys no response....Is immigration voice really cold now?

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  • Annabel
    05-13 05:47 PM
    Can anyone tell me how serious this is?
    We filled out all paperwork and forwarded to the lawyers 3 weeks ago, who filed it for us.

    As I'm writing out a proxy for my dad to vote in my homecountry in upcoming elections, I somehow realize I wrongly entered his birthday on the G-325A, I put down June 6th, rather then June 8th. (got confused mixing it up with my husband's birthday)
    Totally stupid :o, I know, I know. I'm so worried over this now, I can't sleep anymore, I can't eat anymore :(.

    Of course I have already filled out a corrected G-325A & forwarded it to the lawyers handling our applications, but what could the consequences be? I'm so worried!

    This was just a mistake made in a moment of not paying attention. :( :(

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  • gc??
    04-23 11:16 AM
    Thank you guys. Feel much better.
    Glad it is not cancelled with prejudice! Never knew so many terminology associated with immigration.

    04-29 02:23 PM
    What if you have AP but not used it, instead used the re-validation rule to enter into the country, using H1. Would that invoke abandonment of 485?

    The scenario covers people who are working on H1B and have their I-485 pending and have not applied for AP and have a expired H1B visa stamp on their passport. It doesn't matter if they have a H1B extension on hand with a new I-94 stub. If they travel abroad, it could very well be considered as an abandonment although they might be permitted to re-enter under "automatic visa revalidation" rule.

    If I've I-485 pending, i would never travel without an AP.


    11-30 02:04 PM
    I havn't gotten mine yet. Filed on Sept 11th at VSC. Check seems to have cleared though -according to the Attorney. However I guess the delay in my case is the exception rather than the rule.

    I am also in same boat.Applied on 15 oct ,so far no receipt.

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