Friday, July 1, 2011

Tile Designs For Bathrooms

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  • [uber]
    04-22 09:27 PM
    cause no one would pay money for MSN.... lol....

    nice work ya3

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  • kondur_007
    05-19 04:50 PM
    To me, it means that they will issue an RFE to ask you about the new (self-employed) job and description of your job duties in the new job, compensation etc. And they should match with original LC.

    I have a personal belief that this is a complicated thing in itself and depends largely on the job title, job descriptions and your qualifications mentioned on LC. It would be a good idea to discuss the specifics with a competent attorney before taking any step that might lead you to a new greencard from scratch. Good Luck.

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  • sunnymit
    05-10 12:44 PM
    As I understand, the 6 yrs time period includes the time spent on any type of H visa - H1 or H4.

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  • hibworker
    07-26 03:55 PM
    Your situation isn't too tough.

    Yes you will need a new F1 visa to re-enter. Nobody knows your chances of rejection, just take all the docs and hope for the best.

    If your F1 gets rejected then you can come back on valid H4 - I don't think they will cancel other valid visas. However once you are back here you'll have to again apply for a COS to


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  • amitjoey
    01-04 11:21 AM
    Dear Vatsa,

    I'll tell you what it takes.

    It takes strength, both in membership and money. And the former helps bring the latter.

    Please help introduce a member to IV by Jan 15th. Help create our own voice (to break the annoying silence that you talk about).

    Encourage others to participate in the Add ONE Member campaign started by IV.

    Thank you.

    Absolutely right. Join the Add a member campaign. We already achieved a minor goal of becoming 8000 strong way before the goal-date of Jan15th. But we really need to be 10,000+ strong.

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  • flash.stoffer
    08-07 12:55 PM
    Hi agian.. :)

    Now a otherone is ready.. ;)

    Hope you enjoy, like the others... :)


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  • Anders �stberg
    April 22nd, 2004, 12:46 PM
    I like the DOF, and it would also work if the whole string of flowers were sharp.

    There is possibly a bit too much flash, the shadows between the flowers are a bit hard IMHO.

    I'd clone out the leaf at the lower left.

    My .02 Krona :)


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  • laststraw
    06-23 01:47 PM
    Thanks fromnaija.

    Will my I485, which was filed in July 2007, be automatically re-activated if my EB2 AAO appeal is approved?

    I won't be filing my new I140 until probably sometime next year as I am just working on my PERM advertisements now. I am assuming that there is no time limit to using a priority date from an earlier I140.


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  • grinch
    06-24 07:53 PM
    Haha I was thinking about that one! Thanks for clearing it up!

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-18 10:20 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    There has been a lot of talk recently about what might be included in an immigration reform bill. Will there be a legalization/amnesty/forgiveness of "lawbreakers" rule? Will there be an expansion of employment based and family based immigrant visa numbers to solve the economically devastating backlogs we currently deal with? Will there be a mandatory E-Verify component? Will there be an interior enforcement focus? Will there be even more fences?

    The topic that seems to be lost in all this speculation is something I consider to be the overriding component of reform--the Key to holding a reform package together. I am speaking, of course, of Due Process Restoration. Anyone who deals with immigrants for any length of time is intimately familiar with the disaster that is our immigration enforcement system. It is not just that previous administrations have done a horrific job at the enforcement that should have been taking place, but rather, the missing component to that enforcement. When is the last time an ICE officer worried about Due Process considerations? What is really destroying immigrant families--how about 212(a)(9)(B) and (C)? What about the concept of "civil" detention in real jails with real criminals for non-criminal immigrants? What about the detention of Asylum Seekers? What about the ludicrous requirements of REAL ID for asylum seekers?

    These are all only a few of the regular violations of concepts most American hold sacred. When you tell the 'average' American about the system immigrants actually have to deal with, most are appropriately appalled. It is to those Americans that we must speak. I believe that if Senator Schumer has the courage to include Due Process Restoration in his "Comprehensive" immigration reform bill, it will be tragically necessary for us to defend these Due Process provisions of the reform package.

    Take a look at this video, and sign up to support including Due Process Restoration in a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

    Restore Fairness: bring back due process to the immigration system ( from Breakthrough ( on Vimeo (

    More... (


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  • zico123
    06-19 09:54 AM
    thanks,, but i think the visa interview dates will be closed for aug/sept by the time i receive my I797. :mad:
    If you cannot get an appointment for interview you can schedule an Emergency Appointment at your consulate. Check consulate website for details.

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  • martinvisalaw
    01-28 12:44 PM
    I agree with Kanshul. You don't need AP just to remain in the US, however I strongly recommend getting it even if you don't plan to travel. You will need it if there is an emergency and it is difficult to get at short notice. There are many messages on this board from people who had to travel unexpectedly before AP was approved and wonder if they can return to the US.


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-02 07:20 PM
    Recently an undated USCIS draft memorandum surfaced. The Memo was offering administrative relief options to promote family unity, foster economic growth, achieve significant process improvements, and reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization. Here is the entire memo for our readers to view:

    Undated Internal USCIS Draft Memorandum Discusses Administrative Alternatives to CIR ( more documents ( from usvisalaw (

    Shortly after the memo leaked to the public the Immigration service had this to say:

    �Internal draft memos do not and should not be equated with official action or policy of the Department. We will not comment on notional, pre-decisional memos. As a matter of good government, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will discuss just about every issue that comes within the purview of the immigration system. We continue to maintain that comprehensive bipartisan legislation, coupled with smart, effective enforcement, is the only solution to our nation's immigration challenges. Internal memoranda help us do the thinking that leads to important changes; some of them are adopted and others are rejected. Our goal is to implement policies wisely and well to strengthen all aspects of our mission. The choices we have made so far have strengthened both the enforcement and services sides of USCIS � nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions. To be clear, DHS will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation�s entire illegal immigrant population.�

    What can we learn from all this? Comprehensive immigration reform may not happen in the near future, but some sort of a step by step change is likely to occur sooner than later. Even USCIS is eager for this to happen, expect more "leaks" coming up.

    More... (

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  • f1USvisaholder
    04-03 09:17 PM
    I'm on F1 visa and recently got married in US..I would like to have my lastname changed in my INDIAN passport.. I will apply for a new INDIAN passport through indian embassy in US..I realized that i will get a new passport with new last name...But my question is what happens to the F1 visa on the old passport and I-94, will they be still valid?...How does it work..what do i need to get them moved over to the new passport...
    I know i will have to let my school know about the name change so that they can get me a new I-20 by updating the SEVIS...I've already done that and they are OK with it...

    Appreciate your response..


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  • newlab
    08-18 07:33 PM
    Hi All,
    ****** I have searched all related posts but could not find an answer ********
    I have applied my labor in EB3 category. As i am qualified for the senior position i have asked my management for the next level. so that i can apply in EB2 and get the priority data transferred from EB3 application.

    with the July fiasco applied I485 with the EB3 application. Now my management is working to promote me from software dev to Sr software developer. Should i accept the promotion? my job responsibilites will be same with additional responsibilities. What will happen to my i-485 application if i take the promotion?

    Thank you.

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  • Rockstar
    10-31 10:28 AM
    Heyy David
    thanks for the reply :) helps me alot.. :)
    I should have tried 3dsmax, do they have a plug-in for flash?


    makeup athrooms tile design ideas Tile Designs For Bathrooms. Bathroom tile designs and
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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-25 12:45 PM
    I think we should make this thready a sticky so that everyone could reply.

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  • tonyHK12
    03-21 01:45 PM
    Hi Friends

    After clicking on donate link.. I found that,, minimum contribution through paypal/credit/debit card is 100$..
    Can I donate 50$ as one time contribution by writing check on IV name and post it through USPS?

    Please do not scold me for deciding to donate this much small amount.. My budget supports this much only at this moment.


    Thanks you. The minimum donation online is $50. Yo have to scroll down for one time contributions, below to the 6th or 7th one in the dropdown.

    hairstyles higher end tile designs, Tile Designs For Bathrooms. Top 10 Bathroom Tile
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  • pd052009
    10-26 11:18 AM
    I have recently renewed my passport in Washington, DC. As I stay far away from DC, I get it renewed by post. It took exactly 40 working days to get the new passport. I remember, you have to select a date while filing the application form. So, dont wait... apply asap.
    Hi all, My passport is going to expire next month (November 28th). I can drive easily upto DC consulate .. wanted to know if there is anything specific I need to do. The website (Embassy of India - Washington DC (official website) United States of America - Application for a New Passport or Reissue of Passport (10) years ( does not mention anything about "walk in to consulate" information.
    1. Do I need to call and book appointment ? If yes, is there a minimum waiting time to get an appointment, like how many days before ...
    2. Will I get the renewed passport the same day ?

    Any other points/instructions that you think are important please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)

    08-11 08:38 PM
    Hi All:

    Would appreciate if you could answer to my questions below

    1) If I work for a company A ,Can I get my Green card processed by Company B by future employer option

    2) If so when do I have to leave company A or is there any way I can continue with Company A and get my GC processed through company B.


    Yes, it is possible to get from Company B.

    You need to join company B when you get your GC.

    01-29 09:33 AM
    Please let me know how can i get information for Family Based GC Category 2B. I am trying to find out expected time frame for GC filled in 2B category in May 2005.

    I would be very thankful for you immediate reply.

    Please Reply


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