Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • psaxena
    08-06 08:41 PM
    Join the donor, the fun is right in their.

    There used to be a number of threads created / discussed every day on IV... those good ol' days... a lot of good discussions on a variety of topics, including immigration:D

    But of late I am seeing fewer threads on IV and wondering what could be the reason.

    1. Either a lot of folks got greened and stopped visiting IV
    2. or a lot of folks lost jobs & abandoned their GC process
    3. or a lot of folks got frustrated and left for their home countries

    Is this just me feeling this way or...?

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  • hopefulgc
    09-22 11:06 AM
    you forgot one...
    start a campaign to have USCIS count the time you spent waiting for GC to be counted towards the meaningless 5 yrs wait

    After 4.5 years, you can file for Naturalization. You may want to keep a tab on which companies you worked for, period, pay etc starting from the day you entered in USA, keep copies of all previous W2 in safe place. Also, prepare a spreadsheet of when you were out of the country starting from the day you entered here. All the above will be required while filling up forms for naturalization.

    Visit other forums/threads to see what is required and prepare for it. you have long time to go though.
    Good luck.


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  • amitjoey
    02-05 06:03 PM
    You need approved EAD. apart from waiting for 180 days. You also need I-140 APPROVED. If you have just recently applied for EAD (2 weeks ago) Do not expect it till atleast early April. It is taking them more than 90 days to approve EAD.
    WAIT till you get EAD Approved AND I-140 Approved. Research about AC21 and how you can take advantage of that. Read up threads on AC21. It is going to be a longer wait than you thought.

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  • masti_Gai
    10-27 10:15 AM
    Finally u got ur approval. Good for ya.
    well applyin SSN isn't that difficult.
    U'll get it in a span of 4 to 6 weeks.


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  • Ramba
    07-17 04:55 PM
    As you have well passed the LC stage, it is very difficult to retain your old PD. Even if DOL send a new LC with old PD, it will be an uphill task to convey this to USCIS your to ammend your already approved 140 with new PD. This new PD information has to be carried over to both I-140 and 485. If you get a new letter/LC from DOL inform the USCIS (both 140 and 485) thro all means, like send a certified mail, inform over phone and take a infopass to correct the PD. Then keep your finger crossed.

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  • indo_obama
    05-12 10:31 AM
    I think he has to give some BDS exam first to get a scroe and then using that he should be able to apply to various colleges. The course fees is about $200,000 . So if you can get admission somewhere and can pay the fees then he can be minting money soon:D


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  • patriot01
    09-25 02:20 AM
    I am kind of in the same situation...But, I don't know if the status means what it says.

    But, I got the status change in Jul 2008 saying that

    'the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I-485 application to register permanent residence or to adjust status as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case....'

    The very next day I got this case status change saying that..

    'We mailed document to the address we have on file, You should receive the new document within 30 days.....'

    I took an InfoPass appointment and explained to them the case status emails. I also told them that I didn't get my biometrics notice. They asked me if priority date is current..I said NO and they verified too. So, they took the "document mailed" as the biometrics notice document and took my biometrics. I never bothered about that since then....

    But, with new system change it shows as 'Document Processing & Oath ceremony'. So I am not sure what the original case status changes emails were about...and take the status 'Document processing and Oath ceremony' seriously.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • haisylu
    06-16 04:10 PM
    I'm going to get married to a Divorcee and she has a son. Is there any issue in bringing her son as my dependent. Currently I'm on L1B. If so, what is the procedure.

    Thanks for your advise.



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  • updsoft
    09-20 06:25 PM

    I am in USA since the year 2005 on H1B with company A. I have spent more than 5 years in H1B and during Jan-2010 i changed my status to L1A. Now i have spent nearly 9 months in L1A and a total of 5.9 years in US. Now i am likely to get a job in company B. My questions are :

    1. Is it possible for me to change from L1A to H1B again?
    2. If it is possible to change from L1A to H1B, Is my 9 months spent on L1A will be added to my H1B quota of 6 six years? (i.e i already spent 5 years in H1B and and 9 months in L1A).
    3. If this 9 months is NOT added to my H1 then i am okay but if it is added, will that be a constraint for me to apply for green card in company B. please advise.


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  • trexx7
    09-26 02:03 PM

    This is one more reason why Congress should realize to increase the number of green cards.


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  • jackie3
    05-07 05:42 AM
    hi jase21. i think .net is the best programming language till date. wat do u think?

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  • royalchallenge
    02-03 05:07 PM


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  • vidyakulkarni
    06-08 11:37 AM
    Mr. Butterfield's Opus: Advocacy Days....and a little sightseeing (

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  • rkanth12
    09-22 02:43 PM

    My wife needs an EAD to apply for medical residency in the US. We have our EAD application pending (receipt date Aug 27th). We know we will get our EAD eventually. But the problem is more complex.

    For medical residency, programs call candidates for interviews in Nov/Dec. So they start offering interview slots in Sep/Oct timeframe. If you don't have an EAD card or EAD-approval notice, they will not even consider you. They don't care if you say that EAD will definitely come by Dec (or something like that).

    We tried our local congressman, but even he said he couldn't do anything
    until the 90-day processing time had passed. We tried the local INFOPASS office and submitted an expedite request, but that got denied.

    So we are urgently looking for ways to get my wife's EAD ASAP. If we don't get the EAD in time, my wife will lose an year and in medical residency, every year you sit at home counts (against you).

    Does anyone here have any ideas what we can do ! Note: This EAD is needed for *education* purposes and not for *gainful* employment.

    Don't worry you'll get it soon.
    I'm also in same, we got recently.


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  • snedle
    06-17 07:03 PM
    Doc will give you Sealed & stamped envlope with copy for you. You need to take this envlope and give to your attorney, who will file your case along will your other forms

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  • shirish
    02-21 10:56 AM
    I thought one can work only for one employeer while on H1.


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  • eb3retro
    09-26 11:25 AM
    Guys I am posting this under General Information knowing that this is definitely not an immigration related question. So, please control your urge for giving negative reps. I have booked a wheelchair for my mom who cannot walk properly in Frankfurt airport during her transit of flights. Do they generally take them till the next flight gate? Also, there is only one hour time gap between these 2 flights? Will this be sufficient for them to take her to the next flight gate. Has anyone used this service for your parents and what are their experiences?

    Thanks in advance.

    btw, the airlines that she is travelling is lufthansa.

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  • tanmoymuk
    03-02 02:09 PM
    I recently got my EB1 I-140 approved. Now my lawyer wants to apply for the I-485 but I am unemployed currently. What are my options in this case? Do I show I am self-employed and apply the I-485 or wait till I get a job.

    Just as a background I already have a EB2 Employer based I-485 in process and therefore have the EAD and AP in hand. The EB2 I-485 was applied in 2007 so it is past the 180 days period.

    Urgent help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Prashanthi
    07-06 05:31 PM
    Yes you can apply for an extension on medical grounds, be sure to include a letter from her Doctor and all the hospital records and explian clearly why the extension is required, this should get approved.

    04-20 11:42 AM
    Sorry, I was not sure what test I missed. I thought everything was done and was mentioned in I-693. I do not have copy of I-693 I submitted. I will try to get it from doctor. Pending of that, is this common test which I must have it and mention it on the I-693? I need to submit just TB Skin test or everything?

    01-19 08:35 AM
    I forgot to post my update - I actually did get my appointment with ( . They got me the appointment about 2 days after I signed up, and I got my stamping done in Toronto on Dec 16th. I also chose Montreal as backup but got my original choice. Good luck to people stamping visas in canada. it is much easier and faster than going back to the home country.

    Do you know how much Xvars is charging for this process? I might try it out as well.

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